KISS frontman Paul Stanley’s new book, Backstage Pass, will be released on April 30th through HarperCollins’ HarperOne.

The official Backstage Pass book overview states:

“The New York Times bestselling author and legendary frontman and rhythm guitarist of KISS offers grants fans an all-access backstage pass to his personal life, and shows them how to pursue a royal rock n’ roll lifestyle of their own, offering hard-won advice and rules to live by from a rock n’ roll legend.

In this follow-up to his popular bestseller Face The Music, the Starchild takes us deeper into his personal life and his home today, life on and off the stage, revealing what he eats, drinks, and does with his friends and family, [what] he’s learned from a lifetime as the frontman of the iconic band KISS, and how he brings his unique sensibility not only to his superstar music career but to every area of his life — from the business to parenting to health and happiness. kitchen and the bar to the gym and the office.

Showcasing his unique lifestyle, Backstage Pass is a rare look at the man beneath the modern rock god persona. Paul shares fascinating details about his life — his fitness routine, philosophy, business principles, how he finds inspiration, passion, and joy after nearly 50 years filling arenas and selling out shows, and even his favorite meals, and includes recipes from friends such as Anthony Bourdain, Rocco DiSpirito, Mario Batali, and other star chefs.

Backstage Pass divulges more true stories of the rock legend’s relationships, hardships, and wild nights, contains intimate four-color, never-before-seen photos from Paul’s personal collection, and offers surprising lessons on the discipline and hard work that have made him one of the healthiest and most successful rock n’ roll frontmen in history — and a model superstar for the modern age.

This is the book for fans who love living large, but also want to kick ass at everyday life. From doing shots at the bar to enjoying a glass of red on the patio, Paul shows you how you can rock n’ roll all night and party every day — without missing a beat or looking like you do.”

Released in April 2014, Face The Music: A Life Exposed debuted at No. 2 on The New York Times’ Best Sellers list for Print Hardcover Non-Fiction. On top of that, Face The Music debuted on the Times’ Combined Print and E-Book best seller list and E-Book best sellers list at No. 3 and No. 13, respectively.

In the Face The Music, Stanley talked frankly about his early struggles with hearing — he was born with Level 3 Microtia and is deaf in his right ear. Microtia is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear that can affect normal hearing.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but I already know how to Rock And Roll All Nite, AND party every day! Thanks, uncle Pauly! 😉
    A glass of red (in my KISS wine glass) on the patio sounds good right about now, cheers! 🙂

  2. Will the book include the Paul Stanley workout from Kiss Exposed? 🙂

    Paul’s first book was enjoyable but at times too sanctimonious to take some things at face value.

    I expect this book to be enjoyable too with a number of lessons learned but also with a lot of fluff.
    Don’t give a rats ass what Rocco DiSpirito dish he cooks up for the book unless its Lip Sync ala Vodka

  3. face the music was ok , not the great book he claimed it to be , I found it mean spirited , although he did look inward talking about his issues and the bullying he endured and gave the fans a look at what shaped his personality – I cant imagine this book being much better –

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