OzzyOsbourne400 Ozzy Osbourne’s Hell Gate project is a month-long residency in Las Vegas themed on Halloween, wife Sharon has revealed.

The Black Sabbath frontman teased the concept in September, launching a Facebook page that led to speculation it would be linked with Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Now Sharon reports on her US TV show The Talk, “It was meant to start last year but we couldn’t get it together in time. Ozzy’s going to be in Vegas for the whole month. What it is is a Halloween experience. It’s a very state-of-the-art, interactive show that Ozzy will put on, with everything that goes with Halloween.”

The vocalist last year launched compilation album Memoirs Of A Madman, with the intention of making sure fans didn’t forget he still had a solo career – even though Sabbath have committed to making a final album before splitting.

In November Ozzy said he hoped original drummer Bill Ward could return for their final bow, but added, “I don’t deal with the business side. That’s my wife’s job.”

source: Classic Rock Magazine

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  1. Thank God Dana posted this story because there was no way I would have watched “The Talk”. CBS put The Talk on in place Craig Ferguson’s show. You can’t replace Craig Ferguson, especially with Sharon Osbourne and her dunbass show. That’s like Priest replacing Rob Halford with that woman “Wing”. Absolutely ridiculous! Ferguson’s show was the best on late night.

    By the way, if you want something to laugh/get sick at then look up Wing on YouTube singing Back In Black.

    1. Yes Mr. Ferguson and Geoffery Peterson are a loss. 🙁

      James, Craig is on a standup tour, and if you are a fan, you must go and see him.

      D 🙂

    2. Dana, thanks for that info. I’ll check out his tour schedule and if he’s performing in my area (Texas) I’ll definitely go see him. The guy is brilliantly funny.

    3. You’re welcome James,

      I saw him in May of last year with Josh Robert Thompson, who does the voice of Geoffery Peterson, Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc., and they were both hysterical. I had such a good time, I am going to see Craig again in March.

      Here is the link for tour: http://www.rsanews.com/live-comedy-tour/. Unfortunately, I don’t see a Texas date, but if you can get to Reno, NV, he will be there February 21st. 🙂

      D 🙂

    4. Sorry Dana, I don’t think James would miss the season premier of TMS for anybody, LOL! Any other date maybe he goes, but 2/21? I think James is even more excited about the new season of TMS than Eddie! LOL! 😉

    5. LOL! True, but then he’ll have to take his TMS house party on the road, and turn it into a TMS hotel party! Can’t wait to hear what James has to say about all this! 😉

    6. As cool as I think Craig Ferguson is, I’ll have to try to see him live another time because EVERYTHING takes a backseat to TMS on 2/21. I have a TMS party I’m hosting at my house full of metal music, tons of food and drinks and my friends would kill me if I bailed on them.

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