Ozzy Osbourne has released Straight To Hell, the second single from his forthcoming album, Ordinary Man, due out on Epic Records in early 2020.

On Straight To Hell, Ozzy takes listeners to the heart of darkness — “something is missing and you don’t know why” — with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash along for this devilish ride, delivering scorched-earth riff. Listen to the song below.

Earlier this month, Ozzy released his first single off of Ordinary Man, called, Under The Graveyard, listen to it here.

In other Prince of Darkness news, Ozzy will be embarking on a North American tour with Marilyn Manson. The tour itinerary can be viewed by clicking here.

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  • Michael B on

    The song is ok. The production sounds jarring to my ears. Ozzy sounds great, but I’m not a fan of the production/instrumentation.

    Andrew Watt is from California Breed with Glen Hughes and Jason Bonham, which was kind of cool in a 70’s kind of way. Sounds like he’s trying to do that here, but also appeal to the Post Malone crowd. Maybe it’ll work, but I won’t be buying it.

  • MikeyMan on

    Great riff by Slash!
    But I don’t think can save this second turd from Ozzy.

    • Dana on

      He needs to reconnect with Bob Daisley, like yesterday.

  • Doug R. on

    I’m not crazy about the lyrics, but the music is really good.

  • RobT on

    Some nice riffing here and I actually like the foreboding/warning theme of the song, reminds me of some early Sabbath tracks like Lord of This World etc.
    Problem for me is the whole Ozzy- Prince of Darkness thing seems so over played, and him being a player on TV with or without Sharon or Jack, Kelly etc takes away the mystique as Eddie Trunk says.
    I would probably listen to more tracks, but am not interested in purchasing.

  • elliot goldberg on

    ditch the keyboards and definitely change some lyrics and this’ll be good.

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