Ozzy Osbourne has released the following statement:

“As painful as this is, I’ve had to make the decision to bow out of performing on Power Trip in October.

My original plan was to return to the stage in the summer of 2024, and when the offer to do this show came in, I optimistically moved forward.

Unfortunately, my body is telling me that I’m just not ready yet and I am much too proud to have the first show that I do in nearly five years be half-assed.

The band that will be replacing me on Power Trip will be announced shortly. They are personal friends of mine and I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Above all, I want to thank my fans, my band, and my crew for their unconditional loyalty and continual support.

I love you all and I will see you soon.

God Bless,


Power Trip will be held at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California on October 6th-8th. The festival features bands such as: AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns N’Roses and Tool, further details can be found at powertrip.live.

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  • robert davenport on

    At 75 with Parkinsons… I think it’s time to enjoy the great memories of seeing ozzy live back when he was the prince of darkness

  • Wrecked Neck on


    That ship has sailed. He is the farthest thing you can get from a metal head and he’d never sit down to watch what he missed. He’s definitely more into that pop rock crap now that most 20 year olds listen these days.

    The funny part is, he came out as gay about a year later. His mom kind of blamed herself saying it was because she took him to see Lady GaGa. Of course she was kind of joking, but I think for a split second or two she wondered. Kinda made it worth it that I didn’t get to take him to see Ozzy. She’s a great mother though and he’s a great kid, but she screwed up in this car lol

    • Dana on

      Hell yes…Ozzy yay, Lady Gaga…well you know. 😉 Just kidding…?

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