An incredible, relentless, pounding thrash metal album that may be my favorite from this highly underrated band since Taking Over. Overkill have made a string of solid albums lately, but this is just next level. It is uncompromising speed metal at its finest. Production and mix are incredible, the riffing just builds and builds, great songs, great playing. Huge props to drummer Ron Lipnicki who just crushes on this album with a phenomenal performance. The album is loud and crunchy but not over compressed and the album has great stereo separation. Highlights include “Electric Rattlesnake”, “Black Daze”, “Save Yourself”, and the opener “Come & Get It”. Not a bad track on the album and the most classic sounding speed metal for a new release in a very long time. The total package. If you are looking for a new but old school thrash sounding album this is it. Get a neck brace because it kicks your ass from top to bottom. Instant metal classic. Can’t wait for the tour with Testament.amazon


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  • John Alonzo on

    Anything that Overkill does is dope to fans like me, I go way back when they first started kickin evryones ass. Always hard always rude and full of aggression can’t ask any less from these fuckers, so if your gay then these guys aren’t for you.

  • Johnny Polli on

    This record, as well as their previous Ironbound, is as good as it gets. Once I found The Years of The Decay back in high school, nothing has rivaled this band for me. Without a doubt one of the most consistent bands in the genre, along with Slayer. No bands in thrash/metal are as dead-on and reliable as those two. This holds true in the live shows as well, just an unbeatable pair of monsters.

  • Brian Bulakites on

    LOVE overkill to death!! Such a great album and band top to bottom not a single bad song on it. Much better than the picks that up for best hard album.

  • Dennis on

    It would be nice to see these guys hit pay dirt. They should be arena sellout status performers. It doesn’t feel right seeing them open for Testament in their own house! This cd is not bad……….not great, but not bad. It’s very good, sadly a day will come where we won’t get new music from bands like Overkill and then we will wish for stuff like this.

    • chris b, on

      holy shit!!! overkill and testament together? these two acts should put together ” THE REAL BIG FOUR’ tour along with exodus and death angel, it would beat the shit out of that other so called BIG FOUR line-up.

  • Chris B. on

    Awesome album, reminds me of 1988. Here is a great idea, how about a real BIG FOUR tour with Overkill, Teastament, Exodus, and Death Angel ? It would kick the shit out of that other (big four) line-up.

    • rob on

      If anyone can put together what I called THE OTHER FOUR TOUR, it would be Eddie.

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