Original KISS drummer, Peter Criss, has released the following statement regarding the passing of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts:

“As a musician it was always a comfort to know the greatest band in the world was still around. It is devastating to hear of Charlie Watts’ passing. As a drummer he inspired me deeply. It is a great loss in musical history and there will never be another Charlie Watts. His unique style and technique was the heart beat of the Rolling Stones. He is and always will be an inspiration for us drummers. He was one of my favorite drummers and I have so much love and respect for him. He will be greatly missed. My love and prayers go out to Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and all his family and fans all around the world. May he rest in peace with the Lord in heaven.

God Bless,

Peter Criss”

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  1. Absolutely, positively echo every single word Criss said! Beautiful tribute. RIP, Charlie, Watts was and will always be the rock in the Rolling Stones.

    1. Doug…I knew I’d find you here…this is a jolt…we’re getting older too…the Stones have always been here in the background and up front …when the world was upside down…there was always the Stones…they had a fantastic run, their b.s. records would make most bands blush…let us enjoy the breadth…the scope of what they gave us….

    2. Of course, Watts was 1 of my favorite drummers of all time, and the Stones are 1 of my favorite bands, add that in with Criss’s comments, and well, there ya go.

  2. A truly devastating loss to his family and friends , to mick ,keith, ronnie Daryl, & the stones , and of course all of us who loved the stones , the music community lost one of the all time greats –

  3. it is rare in rock and roll that you have a guy with such class and talent.you never heard one bad word about mr watts.godbless my brother rip you will be missed,and thank you for all the great music

  4. You know it, Rattlehead. Peter is right up there with the legends, no doubt. I remember once converting a drummer who thought Peter couldn’t possibly be a great player. I played him Sweet Pain, 100,000 Years live, and Love Gun. He said I never knew he was that tasty, that solid. I said of course you didn’t, but if you listen reeeeeaaally close, you can hear the makeup.

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