Bassist Michael Anthony was a guest on the Howard Stern Show, where revealed that he was contacted about the prospect of a Van Halen reunion.

He stated (via blabbermouth), “I was actually contacted by their management last October, to see if I would be interested in something. And that’s basically as far as it went. I think they were trying to put something together on their end, management was, and something broke down on their end and the plug got pulled.”

He added, he would be interested, “If it was done the correct way. You know — four guys up there just doing their thing.”

Furthermore, former Van Halen frontman, Sammy Hagar, told the Pulse Of Radio (via blabbermouth.net), “It’s, like, every now and then they throw — y’know, management throws — something at me or something at Mike, sayin’. ‘Hey, what are you guys doin’ next summer? Y’know, Ed and Al are talking about maybe doin’ this or maybe doin’ that.’ And I’m goin’, ‘I’m workin’ next summer.’ [Laughs] I mean, they wanna talk to me? Talk to me. Mikey — same thing: ‘He said, ‘Yeah, let me know.’ And then you don’t hear nothin’. So, it looks to me like it’s a rumor. I’m not the one that can honestly say it’s official, but in my world, we’re going out and tourin’ this summer and nobody’s tellin’ us we can’t.”

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  • RTunes68 on

    Let’s decipher this article:

    “I think they were trying to put something together on their end, management was” – Management (whose interest it is to make money) sent out feelers to Mike and promoters (perhaps) for the viability of a full reunion tour offer.

    “something broke down on their end” – EVH rejected the idea.

    “If it was done the correct way.” – Mike doesn’t want to be a salaried employee.

    “management throws — something at me” – Really, Sam? Their management approached YOU? And you’ve been quiet about it all this time?…(skeptical smirk)…

    I think we fans – and EVH’s management – have to accept the fact that he is in semi-retirement and is perfectly satisfied with his guitars/amps/effects business. Every few years if he has the itch to perform, they go on a summer tour. Until then, nothing.

    • robert davenport on


      I think your right on the money with your point of view on this – I’ll add this –
      I think cubic zirconia Roth comes into it as well – maybe Eddie and Alex see a catastrophe waiting to happen getting those two guys together (Roth was pretty wacky on Rogans podcast} let alone all four working together making music and trying to work it all out with everyone’s management and lawyers.
      it would be pretty amazing to get all four guys back together for one more run – mikes voice is still amazing and the whole band can still bring it musically – Roth needs to bring back his swagger and tone down the nutty vaudevillian meets martial arts foolishness on stage –

  • Harold Taint on

    EVH was easier to like as an alcoholic. He’s a prick sober.

  • T on

    I hope they don’t propose something silly like Michael and Wolfie both out there together on bass. Or as was previously stated, treat Michael like a hired bass player on the cheap. Time will eventually run out for this original reunion option.

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    Eddie Van Halen may have inspired our childhood, but he has disappointed our adulthood.

  • T on

    Instead of a world tour ($ grab) I’de almost like to see them do 4 nights at one of the larger clubs where they got their start. Just the 4 original members, doing one of the first four albums start to finish each night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a unicorn to catch.

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