According to TMZ, late Metal Church frontman Mike Howe  died by suicide.

A spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept. tells TMZ … [that] the official cause of death was determined to be asphyxia due to hanging. Officially, authorities are calling it a suicide…

…The Sheriff’s Dept. also told TMZ that alcohol and drugs were not believed to be factors in the 55-year-old singer’s death, and no controlled substances or paraphernalia were found in the home where he died.

Howe joined Metal Church in the 1980s and helped record the band’s third album, Blessing in Disguise, which included one of their most famous songs, Badlands.

Metal Church released two more studio albums before breaking up in the ’90s, but the group ultimately reunited, and in 2015 Mike rejoined his bandmates.

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  1. The pain he must’ve been suffering. RIP

    Not the first person I’ve heard to take ones life because of this disease.

    Took my sister. Terrible stuff.

    Blessings & strength to his family & friends, should they read this posting.

    1. Oh my dear Dana. I’m sorry. These experiences, I think, one doesn’t ever get over, they absorb it and it becomes part of them. Just like when they were living. My sweet wife lost a friend to suicide who was in high school with her in Ithaca who later took his life in his 20’s. She remembers him every year more than 20 yrs later. Strength to you . \MM/

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