DaveMustaine400 Chad Childers of Loudwire reports:

Loudwire took the opportunity to ask [Megadeth’s] Dave Mustaine about his past association with Stone Temple Pilots and his thoughts on [former STP frontman] Scott Weiland’s death. Stone Temple Pilots opened for the band on their Countdown to Extinction tour back in 1992.

In the video below, Mustaine recalls some of the early shows and some of the ways in which he offered advice that eventually helped the band as they started to progress toward stardom.

As for Weiland, Mustaine says he gave the singer some personal advice, “At the end of the tour, I said, ‘Look Scott, you’re gonna be huge, you’re gonna have money, you’re gonna have drugs, you’re gonna have p–sy and it’s gonna be everywhere.’ And I said, ‘If you do anything, stay away from heroin.’ And I probably should have said, ‘Do as much as you can,’ because he did the exact opposite.”


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  1. Dave knows what he’s talking about because he fought a long battle with drugs, especially heroin. Why on earth would anyone even try that stuff with the track record it has of destroying lives and killing people? Just look at how many famous people it destroyed and killed. Just knowing that, why do people try it that first time? Really, has there ever been a productive, happy, long term heroin addict? The answer is no. No high is worth losing your life over.

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