Little Caesar singer Ron Young recently revealed that he is grateful the band, best known for their cover of Chain Of Fools, never became a household name.

“It nearly killed me because, unfortunately, at the end of that I fell into a drug addiction and my life crashed and burned,” Young told Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson in episode #141 of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast. “I couldn’t separate the performer from the individual. I put so much of who I was and the value of my life into becoming a successful musician and had to get my ass kicked in the dirt to find out what is really important in life, what’s really important about music, and what’s really important about the creation of music. In retrospect, if I’d been one of those guys strapping on my leather pants with my hair dye in a band singing my two hit songs, taking all this so seriously without a real life, still trying to sneak out a living and milking the twenty minutes of fame I might have gotten if I wanted platinum or something — I’d be miserable.”

“My life wouldn’t have the fullness, the richness, or the balance — probably not even the appreciation of what the true blessing of music is now,” continued the singer. “And I only have that because I am completely self contained. I’m with a group of guys that I’ve been with since day one because none of the BS of the business ever ruined what we did as a musical unit or as friends or family. So I get to look back on this and have a completely different perspective than many other people who are still toiling and sweating over how they go viral, how they sell a million records, or how they stay relevant, have to do. I can do it purely because it’s now my passion and it’s not my source of revenue, so it puts a completely different spin on it. It gives me an appreciation because I really can look at it purely as a journey and not a destination.”

Little Caesar’s latest album, 2001’s American Dream was the group’s fourth full-length studio album, and the band will be touring the UK this March.

Listen to Ron Young’s entire interview below.


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