Last In Line’s forthcoming new album, II, will be released on February 22nd, and the band has released a video for the song, Blackout The Sun, can be viewed below. The new album was produced by Dokken, and Foreigner, bassist Jeff Pilson and will be distributed by Frontiers Music Srl.

“The musical style of II is different from Heavy Crown, but it wasn’t something that we planned to do,” explains guitarist Vivian Campbell. “[bassit] Phil [Soussan] is a more intricate player than Jimmy [Bain] [Dana’s note: who passed away in 2016 from lung cancer at age 68] was and that, together with the natural growth and development of the band led us to the songs on the album. As always, we simply started to jam on ideas and see where they led us. But it’s fair to say that the songs on this album sound more developed, with more parts and more experimentation than the songs on Heavy Crown. The first album set a tone, but on II we developed that idea and took it to the next logical stage.

Drummer Vinny Appice said “…Viv and I have been playing together for years and have the same feel and pulse and attitude. Now with Phil on bass, he allows a more melodic approach on the bass parts making the songs even more interesting. He fits in perfectly being from the same musical family and time as me and Viv. Mr. Freeman sings from his soul and completes the band’s sound with his melodies and amazing range.”

He continues, “The songwriting process was the same as Dio’s Holy Diver. First, we have fun writing together. We get in a room and jam on riffs and chords until we hit on something good, then continue to build it into a song. Andy puts his magic on it and it all works out very well.”

Soussan adds, “It was refreshing to be able to write songs in such an organic fashion — by jamming and developing ideas as a group, without bringing in preconceived songs — something I haven’t done for ages. The result was a true collaboration, a concept that is so rare these days! Vinny has a unique style of drumming that, beyond keeping beats, inspires riffs and arrangements and Vivian has a way of playing that has a conviction to every note. He is able to turn every riff into a signature. Andrew was creative and unrestricted, focusing his contemporary influences into vocal stylings and hooks that are outside the classic rock clichés. He is very much a perfectionist. Beyond trying to remain true to Jimmy’s playing and to the heritage of the relationship between Viv and Vinny, everyone was completely open to exploring any possible idea. I am honestly prouder of our efforts on this album than anything in which I have been involved in for a very long time. With II, I would like to think that we have stretched out from Heavy Crown to test some uncharted waters…. the evolution of Last In Line.

II track listing:

1.  Intro 
2.  Blackout The Sun 
3.  Landslide 
4.   Gods And Tyrants 
5.  Year Of The Gun 
6.  Give Up The Ghost 
7.  The Unknown 
8.  Sword From The Stone 
9.  Electrified 
10. Love And War 
11. False Flag 
12. The Light

See previously released videos for Year Of The Gun and, Landslide, below.

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  1. Main riff is a bridge riff, not good enough to carry this thing..then you get to where they seem to be criticizing Bain’s bass playing, which is …I am speechless really….Bain was a great writer and a phenomenal bass player…he made everybody sound more professional…I have seen him in clubs….this song isn’t even that exciting…

  2. (I listened to all three songs now) Appice sounds like he’s playing along to some click track…this is playing it safe…taking a chance is trying re-write Billy Corgan by way of Deep Purple and stealing a hit song.

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