Ruben Mosqueda of spoke with Kix frontman Steve Whiteman, excerpts from the interview appear below. You’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Blow My Fuse with a remixed and remastered deluxe edition titled; Fuse 30 Reblown.

Steve Whiteman: That’s right. It’s set for release on September 21st. It was our current bass player Mark Schenker, who suggested we do something to commemorate the anniversary of Blow My Fuse. The record label started asking us of we were interested getting started on a new record. It was Mark that brought up the idea that we remaster the record, put it out there and do a campaign for it. We thought that was an excellent idea, we put our heads together alone with our label Loud & Proud and we got to work. We’ve been playing the record in its entirety over the course of the past couple of months to honor the biggest record of our career. With 30 years that have passed, was there any thought to bringing in Tom Werman in any capacity?

Steve Whiteman: No, there was such a huge falling out between Tom and our former bassist Donnie Purnell that it wasn’t a consideration. The rift between those two affected everyone. This has all come together in the last year, we loved how this came together quickly and easily, why ruin a good thing like that? …Do you have stuff ready to go for a new studio album?

Steve Whiteman: I’ve been writing for the last three years and I’m sure Mark has some stuff, [guitarist] Brian [Forsythe] is also writing. We’ll get the rest of the guys together, when we come together to do pre-production and hammer things out. I can’t tell you how liberating it is for us to write songs together as band, rather than have one guy who oversees everything. You did some background vocals on the Twisted Sister Love Is For Suckers record. When you got involved with that was it already a “Twisted” album or was it still a Dee Snider solo album? Beau produced that one too…

Steve Whiteman: That’s right. Beau was the reason we wound up on that album, he was looking for some background vocalists. Beau reached out to Jimmy Chalfant and I to do some vocals for the record. Beau had Dee send us all these demos and we learned all the background vocals to the songs. We went to New York City for about two days worth of work of background vocals. At that point that record was still very much a Dee Snider solo album, but as you know he was then pressured to bill it as Twisted Sister. You’re all over that album, we can really hear it on Hot Love.

Steve Whiteman: Yeah, every time Dee needed a background vocal that needed to be sung incredibly high, he’d say “Hey, let’s send in ‘Iron Lung’ to do that!” [laughs].



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  1. The fact that Blow My Fuse is 30yrs old makes me feel incredibly old. I loved that album and remember buying it. Now as sit in my metaphorical wheelchair and look back on those fond memories….

    1. But it is a wheelchair that get ya to 100 miles an hour
      Besides cold blood is all you need

    2. Well done Charles….well done. ‘I’ll pray the Lord your soul to keeeeeeeeeeeeeep…….’

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