KISS will perform a virtual KISS 2020 Goodbye concert on New Year’s Eve.

To send off 2020 in their larger-than-life style on New Year’s Eve, KISS, the iconic Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, multi-platinum-selling band is reigniting the fire and roaring back to life. In true KISS fashion, they are bringing the biggest and baddest concert event and pyrotechnics show of the year, proving once again, that KISS never does anything small. The massive stage production and free pre-show will be brought directly into your living room at 9 p.m. live from Atlantis Dubai on December 31st.

Filmed with more than 50 cameras and 360-degree views, this show produced by Landmarks can be seen globally with ticketing technology and livestream powered by TIXR and experienced like no other virtual concert before. You’re invited to spend New Year’s Eve with the band as they rock out of 2020 and roll into 2021…all night.

Frankly, I wasn’t interested in doing a stream on the level of Live at the Troubadour in L.A.,” frontman Paul Stanley tells Rolling Stone. “Not that those aren’t good, but they aren’t KISS. Either we do this right, or we don’t do it. For us, size matters. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel; we invented it and it runs real well. We’re just making sure it’s on a scale and a size that does justice not only to the situation we’re in, but that it makes the people watching at home feel like they’re a part of it.”

Gene Simmons states, “We play big. There’s not a lot of subtlety in what we do. It’s like the Fourth of July. You don’t want chaos. You can have the biggest, but it won’t be the baddest because just random explosions everywhere and 300-foot fireballs going off, you can’t tap your foot to that or sing along. You want to have something that has coordination. So everything that we’re naturally doing onstage is going to be amplified — 10-to-100-fold bigger, oh my God.”

“The best way to shut everybody up and get everybody to enjoy life right now is to make a big resounding noise and shake the heavens with some pyro,” he adds.

Tickets to the event can be purchased at, with prices starting at $49.99 and gong all the way up to $999 for a bundle that includes 14 “exclusive and limited edition items,” including a Blu-ray of the concert.

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  • jeffrey heffernan on

    you think that after almost 50 years of dedicated support of the kiss army that they would have done this one for free.forgetting the fact that its a synced show to begin with,and there is a worldwide pandemic,and many folks are out of work,godforbid they did something for the fans. all there bullshit about the fans the fans,what a joke.i agree with a few of the comments here,if you want to watch kiss(the real kiss) put on a dvd and have a drink for the kiss dvd when they were the hottest band in the world.not the biggest joke in the world which they have turned into…….just saying

    • Doug R. on

      Love Gun tour, Animalize, Reunion tour, and a six pack of Coors Light! 😉

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      You said everything I was going to say. I think it’s disgusting what they are doing. Shame on them. Shame on anyone who forks over money for this. A new low for Kiss. Thanks a lot, guys. Go screw.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Jeff – would have been great if the band were together in a small venue and let the “audience” pick the set list.

    • shannon mehaffey on

      Which Love Gun concert are you going to watch? The one on Kissology could have been so much better…I don’t understand why they didn’t pick their best performances and best shot footage for those….The Tokyo show would be what I’d watch…then Animalize, then the Dodger stadium show for Psycho Circus…which you which Reunion show are you going with?
      Thanks, Doug.

    • Doug R. on

      I agree, for whatever reason they didn’t use their best concert footage, I don’t understand it either. Anyway, I plan on the Tokyo show, the Don Kirshner performance, Houston, Animalize, reunion show from Tiger Stadium, the Brooklyn Bridge performance, and then depending on how buzzed and or tired I am, I may watch the Dodger Stadium “Psycho Circus” Halloween show again! Who knows, I might even go all the way to “The Last KISS” from Jersey!

    • shannon mehaffey on

      You could start with that club show ..or the Filmore…but those aren’t in color.

    • Doug R. on

      Well, watching the black & white footage just isn’t the same with a band like KISS, well not for me it isn’t. You can listen to KISS any way you want to, but visually, they need to be seen in color!

    • shannon mehaffey on

      It’s too bad too because they were on fire at that Filmore show; a four wheel drive Mac truck.

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Spot on Jeff – Kiss could have asked their fans on for their top songs and then perform the top 10 in whatever format they chose. Maybe throw in a surprise or two…..Think that would go a long way with the fans.

  • Rattlehead on

    Jeffrey, I 100% agree with all your comments. The original KI$$ is my all time favorite band, but I think today’s glorified tribute version is a joke band limping around with the crutch of an iconic brand name.

    Yes, this should have been done for free, particularly with many people facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. But Gene and Paul love money and seem like they’ll do anything to make a buck. After all, this is the same band that sold Air Guitar Strings….and empty plastic bag with nothing in it…..

  • T on

    This just in, coming soon to a skating rink near you “KISS on Ice!” Laser light show, men in tights, and Gene driving a flame belching Zamboni!

    • Paul Stan-Lee on

      Peeeeoooopppplllleeee WHOA-WOOO! How ya doin??!!!? Ya know, it’s been a loonngg time since Keeiss played a hall!! Peeeoooppppllllee lemme hear ya!!!!! Hold on one second, lemme turn up my hearing aid let’s go whoa-woo!!!! Okay okay. Lemme tell ya people, come new years eve, Keeiiss is gonna show you how the big boys do it!! Boom! You say boom! Boom boom! You say boom boom! Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom boom whoa-woo!

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Lol – you have to love the Paul Stanley stage raps…..PeeeeeePole

    • Doug R. on

      I still won’t watch, no matter how much sh!t they blow up!

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Wow minimum 49.99. Ki$$ doesn’t need the money, at least have a charitable component. All I’m gonna do is listen to my music on shuffle, I gotta work New Year’s Day, anyway.

    • Doug R. on

      Charles, I wouldn’t watch this show/”performance” even if it was free! So it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, 70’s KISS is only half the band they used to be, Paul can’t sing anymore, Gene can’t move anymore, and nobody cares what the imposters (Tommy & Eric) do anyway! As I’ve said many, many times, KISS (the real KISS) officially ended for me in 2001. Cheers! (Eggnog) 😉

  • Paul Stan-Lee on

    Whoa-Woooo!!!! All right people lithen! Ya know, ya just know ewww ohhh that I don’t have enough money people!! That’s right!! During this pandemic, I said during this pandemic I’ve bought a Porsche, been runnin’ my mouth about politics AND….AND PEOPLE YOU READY FOR THIS LEMME HEAR YA!!! Wait one second, damn hearin’ aid I said LEMME HEAR YA!! Whoa-woo!!! Ok lithen. I’ve gone back to my roots peeeoopplllleee! That’s right MOTOWN!!! That’s where Keeiiisss was born people, from MOTOWN!! Smokey and me go waaayyyy back whoa-woo!! So ya know during this down time while all you people suffa and lose your jobs, I decided to record a MOTOWN record by my band SOUL Station wowwwwewww! And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve started to re-release all of our Kiss albums for at least the 221st time. But this time we upped our game. That’s right people! We are re-releasing them all as colored vinyl!!! So while you struggle to put food on your table, Keeiss is still here ready and waiting to get your money via Soul Station, re-released colored vinyl and the PAY PER VIEW EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!!! Whoa-wooo!!! People!! I said PEEEEEOOOOPPPPLLLLEEE!! Well actually to all the ladies out there, wooooo!!! It’s Thanksgiving time and I got the perfect stuffing for your bird!!! All right hit it…..this one’s called LOVE GUN!!!!

    • Doug R. on

      Whoa yeah! For the low low price of just $249.99, now you can own your very own limited edition KISS Turkey! You’ll want to “Lick It Up” over and over again! And remember, our turkeys are “Hotter Than Hell,” so order now! Overnight delivery available for an extra $79.99! These turkeys have all been KISSED by the band members themselves! And each turkey comes with it’s very own turkey baster, a KISS pan with the 4 faces of the band on it, and a thermometer to stick up the Turkey’s butt! 😉 Enjoy! 🙂

    • elliot goldberg on

      but wait people, there’s more! we’ve got 50 CAMERAS…. that’s right i said 50 CAMERAS and for $500 more, we’ll use them to film a prerecorded video of us depositing a check with your name on it! you’ll feel like you’re at the bank with us!

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