Spencer Kaufman of Consequence Heavy reports:

KISS’ final show ever took place at Madison Square Garden….at the end of the concert, after the actual band played its last song, fans witnessed a one-song performance of God Gave Rock and Roll to You by digital KISS avatars.

A press release shortly followed, explaining that a “new era of KISS” is upon us, and that the band is “marking the end of its physical existence by crossing into the digital world.” The plan is for avatars of KISS to “perform to fans for decades to come.”

The KISS avatars were created by George Lucas’ visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic using motion-capture technology involving the band members themselves. The forthcoming KISS avatar shows will be in partnership with Pophouse Entertainment Group, the Swedish company behind the recent virtual ABBA Voyage production in London.

“We can be forever young and forever iconic by taking us to places we’ve never dreamed of before,” explained KISS’ Gene Simmons. “The technology is going to make Paul [Stanley] jump higher than he’s ever done before.”

Stanley added, “What we’ve accomplished has been amazing, but it’s not enough. The band deserves to live on because the band is bigger than we are … It’s exciting for us to go the next step and see KISS immortalized. I mean, we’ve spent 50 years building it to this point. And by working with ILM and working with Pophouse, we’re all sharing this vision of taking KISS to a completely different level beyond being just a music band. And we’ve always thought of ourselves as more than just a music band.”

As of now, no KISS avatar shows have been announced. Video footage of the sneak peek at the end of KISS’ Madison Square Garden concert can be seen below, along with a promo video and an image of Simmons creating his avatar in a motion capture suit.

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  1. Ace thinks a lot of Kiss fans aren’t the brightest, hmm? I’m boycotting his new record. What a jackass and an ingrate. He screws up in concert constantly, talks to his idiot road manager while having a $500 meet and greet, is late for everything, shall I go on? I know this isn’t an Ace story, but I had to say this. Ace: F off.

  2. Nick…….
    Kiss could have acknowledged them all in a quick minute right before the final encore at the last show ..easy enough – each member contributed and kept kiss moving forward – for them to ignore those guys and what they contributed and meant … and they did that shit on purpose-is just a complete lack of character these a holes need to be done –

  3. Hi Everyone –

    Long time…..hope all is well.

    My thoughts on the End of the Road / Avatar.

    Stage show was pretty amazing- but how lame for no tribute reel to salute all past members of the management, band and crew? They had all the time in the world to put together a 5 minute reel and let the band take a breather – then let Eric sing Beth for maximum emotional impact.
    But that would make sense for the band to have a heart…..something Gene and especially Paul does not have. Makes them actually petty.

    As for the avatars, i could see them eventually getting the technology right and could be pretty cool.
    Will say its quite successful so far since Tommy doesnt look like rigor motis is setting in – like he nornally looks. What a stiff…..
    I think Eric looks “okay” as Catman – but Tommy looks like Frankenstein – its a slap in the face to Ace and Peter…..but again Gene and Paul have no heart….and they cannot stand Ace and Peter – oh well.

    Hopefully the avatar will make my hair more natural ….less raccoon….time will tell.

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