paulstanley400 has a feature article on KISS’ Paul Stanley. Select quotes from the story appear below.

Discussing the day when there will be a version of KISS without him:

“I look forward to a day when I’ll see Kiss play without me. Don’t want to do it next week, haven’t pencilled anything in, but it would be the culmination of what we’ve built and a consistent progression…The people who said it had to be all the original members to be Kiss are already 50 per cent wrong. Do I cast a big shadow? Sure. But am I crazy enough to think I’m the only person who can do this? That would be ridiculous. Do you go to a Yankees ballgame and hold up a sign “Where’s Babe Ruth?’ The team continues because the ideal is met. The standard is met….There’s no need to call it anything except Kiss. The idea that every time we change members we’re going to be Kiss 2.0, Kiss 2.1 is ridiculous. It’s Kiss. Kiss is a philosophy and a way of presenting music and presenting ourselves.”

On refusing to perform with original band members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss when KISS was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame:

“I enjoyed the Hall Of Fame in a twisted way. It was a terrific night but there was no way I was going to play with them. Frankly, I have too much pride in what I do than to create a moment of nostalgia for someone else. To get on stage with Ace and Peter was an interesting, surreal moment but nothing I wanted to prolong. It’s like if you ever went back to an old girlfriend because you doubted your choice to leave, it only takes five minutes before you want to get back in your car and leave. Someone asked me before the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Couldn’t you just play with the original line-up again for one night?’ And I said ‘How about spending a night with your ex wife? What’s the point?’”

Talking about how he never read Ace or Peter’s books:

“On tour some people showed me a few pages. People will think I keep taking potshots, but I keep getting asked about this and I give honest answers. In Ace’s case, how can somebody who can barely remember what happened last week write a book? I’m not talking about today, hopefully according to Ace he’s clean and sober. But there were certainly decades that he was anything but. When you have to call your friends to tell you what happened is that really an autobiography? Or creative fiction. No, that was pointless. I think Peter’s book began with him in an earthquake where the ground opened up and he had a gun in his mouth. Well, I know where he was living. The ground didn’t open up. You gotta consider the source. A book can be a great opportunity to have an alibi or an excuse. If you choose to be a victim then you will never accomplish anything you’re capable of because your defeats and your lack of success will always be due to somebody else.”

Read the‘s entire piece on Paul Stanley, here.


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  1. it just goes to show how life really is folks,just because your rich and famous,and most of us are not,it does not really we age,we cannot do the same things that we did when we were young.rock and roll esp at the level that kiss brought to the scene,is a young mans was never meant to be a senior citizens thing….i would love to dress and act like i did when i were in my 20s or even 30s,but im in my 50s now,and i would look like a fool.we all want somethings in life esp the things that make us feel good to last forever,but unfort thats not the way life is set up.i agree with most of the above posts here,after the reunion tour,kiss should have called it a night(as kiss)if they wanted to do stuff on there own out of make up on a more intimate stage then fine,ACT YOUR AGE .but now on top of that pauls voice is not going it has left the building,and i agree,it embarrasing,i cannot even listen to it for free on utube or else where.he either screatches or walks through the songs now,.and yes i would love to see a zep tour as well,but i totally agree with plants refusal to do it,he knows that he would not be able to deliver the goods,and although fans would come out in droves ,he would not be the same guy they remember,the same 20 years old guy thats imbedded in there memories.he goes out now as a performer yes,but as a 60 plus year old performer,hes not trying to be 20.kiss had a shelf life,its now way past expired.they should just or should have just walked away after the reunion and left it,to the tribute bands out there to give fans a night of what was,not this disaster of what is……

  2. Why does he keep using the going back to ex girfiend or wife when ask about just playing one more time
    You don’t have fans asking u to get back with ur ex just a stupid metaphor. Too bad he thinks he’s MOVED ON but the whole kiss concert is nostalgia no new songs from new albums why make em if not gonna play live?

  3. It’s REALLY clear Paul is angry because Ace and Peter both nailed Paul’s behavior it in their books. Ace and Peter do remember things that happened with Paul and Gene in the 70’s and Paul is just flat out embarrassed that they went public with it. Paul and Gene think they are good at reinforcing things over and over and over and over about what they did / didn’t do in the 70’s. However, just because you say things over and over doesn’t mean that it becomes the truth. They are playing retarded Jedi mind games and convincing some low functioning people that they are justified of being dysfunctional. In the end, who are they really trying to convince……….?

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