kiss-return Eric Lacy of MLive reports:

Plans for Cadillac High, a feature film based on KISS’ 1975 visit to Cadillac, Michigan are still alive and expected to bring work to the state that helped the band get famous, rocker Gene Simmons told

The Michigan Film Office offered in 2012 film producer Philip Steuer a “conditional” $8.2 million incentive to shoot Cadillac High in Cadillac, Detroit and Pontiac.

It’s unclear why there’s been such a delay, but Simmons sounded eager over the phone Wednesday to see what the finished product will look like.

“It’s now been fully funded and it’s now in pre-production,” Simmons said.

When pressed on the matter, Simmons said he has “no idea” what type of role the band will play in the film, when the movie could be released, and if another visit by the band to Cadillac is possible anytime soon.

“The only date or timeline (for a release) I can give would be a guess,” Simmons said.

KISS is currently on tour this summer with Def Leppard and will make an August 23rd stop at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston.

“Our dance card is so full,” Simmons said. “We’re currently in the middle of the tour — the first half of it — and then we’ll take a break in September.

Then we’ll do a short stint in Las Vegas; then a KISS cruise; then we’ll fly to Mexico City to play a stadium down there; plans for a South American stadium tour, and just go around the world twice for two years.”

Cadillac High is expected to emphasize the impact KISS made on the Cadillac High School Vikings varsity football team and the town as a whole.

In 1974, the Vikings, playing KISS albums in the locker room before and after games, won seven straight games and wound up conference co-champs.

Word spread to KISS of the team’s success, and the band’s members decided to visit Cadillac the next year for a raucous Homecoming weekend.

Read more at MLive.

For more on KISS’ 1975 visit to Cadillac, check out the YouTube video below:

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  • Lee on

    Ace can’t even remember 1989.

  • Nuff on

    Waaaay too much talk about KISS on this website.

  • James K. on

    Story: Kiss visits Cadillac High School for a concert (not free). Unbeknownst to them and the town, an evil new Phantom, Peter Acely, has plotted to destroy the school because he was picked on and beat up every day when he was a student because his favorite band was ABBA. The new Phantom has kidnapped the school staff and replaced them with robot replicas in order to make all the students, mainly the football players, fail their midterms and lose eligibility to play in the state championship game. When Kiss arrives, Paul and Gene notice something is wrong because the all the teachers are walking around and in monotone voices singing the song “Fernando”. Gene gets in a fight with the robot janitor because he made fun of Gene’s hair. The band quickly notices this can’t be the real janitor because his head falls off. Meanwhile, while Tommy and Eric are carrying Paul and Gene’s luggage, they to are kidnapped and replaced by robot replicas but Paul and Gene don’t realize it until robot Tommy and Eric try to kill them. The fight rages on until Gene breaks a hip and is taken prisoner. Paul, swallows his pride and calls on the help of the Spaceman and the Catman to help save Gene. But the Spaceman and the Catman tell Paul to go fuck himself. And so the school looses the big game and the town looses all hope and everyone commits suicide. THE END.

    • Lopez on

      Now this I would want to see

    • Mike B on

      Ace doesn’t WANT back!

  • rob baltimore on

    done with em, don’t care

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