There will be a global album listening party for Judas Priest‘s latest metal masterpiece, Invincible Shield, on March 7th at various metal bars in 30 cities around the world. See list below and check your local metal bar for exact time and details, many of which will also be offering giveaways and custom Judas Priest-themed cocktails for their event.

If you live near Daytona Beach, you will be able to experience a special Judas Priest pop-up shop on March 9th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Atlantic Sounds, which will be operating out of a custom Judas Priest military combat truck — “an invincible shield on wheels” — playing the album to the more than 500,000 attendees at Daytona Bike Week. Harley-Davidson will be leading a 100-biker brigade from Orlando to Daytona at 9 a.m. ET.

Fans can also find the truck and brigade at the Daytona International Speedway for a special parade lap at 12 p.m. ET before the Daytona 200. Come celebrate the release of Invincible Shield with your fellow headbangers.

“Invincible Shield” listening parties will be happening at these fine metal bars:

Aachen, GE – Schlüsselloch
Atlanta, GA – Boggs Social
Augsburg, GE – Spectrum
Austin, TX – The Lost Well
Bangor, ME – Geno’s Rock Club
Berlin, GE – Halford
Brooklyn, NY – Rocka Rolla
Buenos Aires, AR – Strummer Bar
Chicago, IL – Liar’s Club
Denver, CO – Trve Brewing
Houston, TX – Brash Brewing
Indianapolis, IN – Black Circle
London, UK – The Black Heart
Los Angeles, CA – Rainbow Bar & Grill
Magdeburg, GE – Flowerpower
Mepen, GE – Alte Wäscherei
Milan, IT – Headbanger’s Pub
Montreal, CA – Mutoïde Microbrasserie
Nersingen, GE – Rocks
Orlando, FL – Dirty Laundry
Paris, FR – Dr. Feelgood’s
Providence, RI – The Scurvy Dog
Richmond, VA – Cobra Cabana
San Antonio, TX – Bonds 007
St. Louis, MO – Headless Bat
Stockholm, SE – Garlic & Shots
Toronto, CA – Bovine Sex Club
Uetze, GE (Hanover) – Farmer’s Inn
Vienna, AT – U4 Club
Washington, DC – Slash Run

Invincible Shield will arrive on March 8th through Sony Music.

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  • MikeyMan on

    What’s better than a new Priest album? A new Priest album with 3 extra tracks!

    There’s a Target Exclusive version of the new CD with bonus tracks:

    I had already pre-ordered the Japanese Import version when the Target link wasn’t working.
    Now I got my order in on the Target site as well.
    Better to have 2 copies to make sure I get all that Judas Priest greatness!

    • MikeyMan on

      Something funky going on with the link and the Target website.
      Sometimes it works, and sometimes it says “Item not available
      We’re sorry, but the item you’re looking for is not available at Target”
      That’s why I got pissed and ordered from CDJapan.com
      Eventually I got the Target search to go through and did make the purchase.
      If it’s sold out, show it and say “sold out”. Keep trying, they’ll have to meet demand.
      It’s 2024, why is it so difficult to buy a CD

    • MikeyMan on

      Price drop in the Target weekly ad Sunday: $5 off, now on sale $19.99
      Looks like it might be available in store on this Friday release date.
      Still having trouble with the link direct to the product.

  • T on

    Kind of a cool idea. Probably a good way to meet like minded people from your area that share your music taste. I still remember my band playing “Electric Eye” at a battle of the bands in high school.

  • louis0103 on

    I hope to hit the Atlanta one tonight! Every song sounds fantastic so far and the reviews are glowing!

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