Judas Priest have released Trial By Fire, is the second single from their upcoming studio album, Invincible Shield. You can now watch the official lyric video for the track below.

Invincible Shield will be released March 8th through Sony Music. The LP’s first single, Panic Attack, was released on October 13th, and can be heard here.

To pre-order Invincible Shield, visit shop.judaspriest.com.

The band also announced tour dates, which can be seen here.

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  1. Hi Dana

    As you know, I’ve given up on Priest since KK left. I’ve tried to like what they’ve done since, but haven’t. When they released Panic Attack, on this website I broke down the riff by pointing out all of the old riffs that had been put together to make the new one.

    I really don’t want to be negative, but the beginning of this new one is very similar to ‘Judas Rising’ on Rob’s comeback to Priest album ‘Angel of Retribution’. In fact, I’m actually hearing the riff to that song throughout, maybe just a bit slower and the timing is probably different.

    Is there a plus side? Yes – Rob Halford’s vocals. Let us remember that Rob is now 72-years-old. His vocals on this are sounding very strong, which when you consider some other singers that have done this for this long, is amazing to hear.

    Again, each to their own, some will love and some will not, but again I’m not feeling it. For me, this link that I’m providing is probably the best thing I’ve heard Rob doing for some time -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DguMk2Hze1E


    1. Hello, my friend,

      I am in agreement with you, NOTHING touches classic Priest. Also, I loved Judas Rising, so now it makes sense why I like this song. 🙂

      Finally, it’s mind blowing that the Metal God is 72, and can still sing 98% of his ass off…

    2. As far as I can tell the only thing different about this song and Judas Rising are Travis’ drum parts.

      The song does rock.

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