Judas Priest have released an audio snippet of their new song Firepower.

It is the title track from the band’s upcoming 18th studio album, listen to it below.

The band previously announced Firepower 2018 North American tour dates. It is scheduled to begin on March 13th in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and winding down on May 1st in San Antonio, Texas. To view the entire itinerary, please click here.

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  • Rattlehead on

    I really love the tempo of the music and the sound of Rob’s vocals. While it’s hard to predict how an entire album will be solely by hearing a snippet of a single song, I feel confident this album will be good because: 1) IMO, Priest has never released a bad album; and 2) Richie seems to have brought youthful energy to the band.

    I predict a kickass album from the future (hopefully) Rock and Roll Hall of Famers….great music to blow down the doors as Priest enters the Hall to chants of “Priest!” “Priest”! “Priest!” \m/

    • Keith G on

      Totally agree, Rattlehead! The METAL GOD’s vocals sound really good, and the guitar sound is pure Judas Priest. Richie has definitely given the band some energy, and I can’t wait for this album to be released.

  • James Apple on

    I’ve loved JP since I was a kid and am very loyal to the band. But let’s not pretend that Turbo wasn’t a bad album. Outside of that, yes, they just keep releasing awesome music.

    • Rattlehead on

      Respectfully disagree, James. I don’t think Turbo was a bad album….it was just a different sounding Priest album, as was Nostradamus and as was Point of Entry. These may not be my favorite Priest albums, but I wouldn’t consider any of these albums, including Turbo, to be bad albums.

    • Keith G on

      TURBO was definitely not my favorite Priest album, but I can’t agree that it was bad. Just different. Personally, I think NOSTRADAMUS was worse than TURBO. I still can’t listen to that one all the way thru in one sitting! TURBO was just Priest trying to add some of the glam rock elements to their music, which was what was selling at the time. The songs themselves weren’t bad. Iron Maiden did something similar on SOMEWHERE IN TIME. I think all long running bands go thru this. The best bands realize their mistake, and go back to what they know. Judas Priest did just that when they released RAM IT DOWN.

    • scott gul on

      Turbo is an awesome album for that era, there are no songs I would skip still today while listening to it , Priest has evolved through different periods. There are a lot of haters for Demolition but I love that to for what they were trying to do, but it is quite different. My least favorite is Nostradamus , there’s really only 2-3 songs I can stand on it, just not my thing though it was quite an accomplishment. To each their own…….

  • Frank T on

    Nice to see Ace Frehley (far left in the photo) back in Priest!

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