Justin Beckner of UltimateGuitar.com spoke with Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner. Excerpts from the interview below.

UltimateGuitar.com: I heard the plan, about a year ago, was to have [guitarist] Glenn [Tipton] involved with the writing and recording on the next record, whenever that should happen. Is that still the plan?

Richie Faulkner: Absolutely, yeah. Glenn has some physical challenges with Parkinson’s as we all know, but as far as ideas and creativity, Glenn is still very much a behemoth in terms of what he creates and what he thinks and how he sees music and riffs and melodies.

He’s a really unique musician/guitar player/songwriter. And I think it’s one of the contributing factors to why Judas Priest has always been one of the forbearers, one of those unique players in heavy metal. They’ve always had their own voice.

There are lots of reasons for that, but one of the big reasons, in my opinion, is Glenn Tipton’s way of writing and phrasing and note choices. And he’s still very much in control of all that stuff. Also, in the studio, it’s a bit of a more relaxed environment in terms of time constraints.

For example, Glenn had to pull back from touring, when you play live in front of 10,000 people, you’ve got to play it once and you’ve got to play it correctly. If there are challenges with that in the studio, there is a bit more leniency – you can play it again, you can go over that take and take the better take.

Time is very much on your side in the studio. So Glenn is very much involved in the creative process and he will very much be involved in the creation of the next record, no doubt.

UltimateGuitar.com: Is there any framework moving forward, regarding the evolution of the band? For example, will you reach towards something heavier or more technical or more blues-based?

Richie Faulkner: Not at the moment, and sometimes it’s dictated by the material you come up with. Sometimes you set off to do a specific thing and what comes out of the instrument and the creative juices isn’t necessarily what the ‘plan’ was.

You’ve just got to go with what’s coming out of your heart…and it’s something that’s totally organic and fresh because of that.

There are elements of where we all came from and where Priest came from and there are also elements in there that are new. There is always something exciting in there if it’s something we haven’t done before.

That’s the evolution that we’re talking about, really, never knowing what you’re going to end up with at the beginning of a session is what makes it exciting.

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  1. I saw them and Heep last Monday and had a great time. Yes, it was sad not to see Glenn, as I was right up on the side of the stage he would have been at. But the really cool thing was the deep cuts. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show with as many as that one.

    I don’t know why people think that playing songs off the new album and playing deep cuts turns people off. Heep did it too, and so did Schenker and Uli in recent concerts. Nobody I saw complained or tuned out or left for the beer stand.

  2. I agree, Tyger. I saw them in Portland, Oregon Saturday night. They were excellent and the sound was crystal clear. Great event and my 2nd time seeing them since last April. Seeing both set-lists was a real treat. \MM/

  3. Damn right he will contribute! I love Glenn’s determination and attitude as he fights his illness. If Jason Becker, an inspiration, can create music with his illness, then absolutely Glenn can contribute for the new album.

    Godspeed, Glenn and Jason…..

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