Ten years ago Glenn was diagnosed to have the onset of the early stages of Parkinson’s – from then until recently Glenn has lived his life as the great heavy metal guitar player he has always been, maintaining by his own definition a standard of quality and performance that is incredibly important

Right now Glenn is able to play and perform some of the Priest songs that are less challenging but due to the nature of Parkinson’s progression he wants to let you all know that he won’t be touring as such-

True to the metal spirit of ‘the show must go on’ Glenn has requested Andy Sneap to fly the flag on stage for him.

“I want everyone to know that it’s vital that the Judas Priest tour go ahead and that I am not leaving the band – it’s simply that my role has changed. I don’t rule out the chance to go on stage as and when I feel able to blast out some Priest! So at some point in the not too distant future I’m really looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful metal maniacs once again”

Rob, Richie, Ian and Scott have this to say:

“We have been privileged to witness Glenn’s determination and steadfast commitment over the years, showing his passion and self belief through the writing, recording and performing sessions with Priest – he is a true metal hero!

We are not surprised by Glenn’s insistence that we complete the Firepower tour and thank Andy for joining us to make Glenn’s wishes become real – as Glenn has said we also can’t wait to have him with us at any time any place on the road…..
We love you Glenn!”

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  1. Although not the best, I myself play guitar a bit. My idol is and will always be Tony Iommi, but whilst Mr Iommi made me want to play the guitar, it was seeing the promo video for Painkiller that pushed me to actually buy one.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I can tell who’s playing what solo in Priest music. Tipton was always the melodic one, whilst Downing was the crazy guy with the whammy bar. Put them together and you got a partnership that was tried by many to be copied but was never matched.

    I’ve been a little vocal on this website about Richie Faulkner’s contributions to Priest, notably that the band’s sound is now more a Halford solo band sound. If Glenn is beginning to really suffer from the effects of Parkinson’s, I have a request to make to the band:

    “Guys, although I love you and the music that you have given us pre-Downing retirement, Judas Priest without Glenn Tipton AND KK Downing really won’t be Judas Priest. Please by all means see out the next tour for your new album, but when it’s all over please put the band to bed.

    I’m sure that the buzz you get from being on stage will be very difficult to replace, but what I wouldn’t want to see is the band’s god-like status begin dwindling down and down and down.

    Mr Halford – you can carry on with the Halford band. You’ve already got a writing partner with Richie Faulkner, whose playing and style fits with that project. If you cannot for some reason get Bobby back on drums, didn’t Mr Travis play in Fight? Problem solved.

    Mr Tipton – I’m sorry to hear of the situation you are in. Thank you so much for all the riffs and inspiration you have given us guitar hero wannabes and I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that you were held in high regard. I also hope that you are able to continue with life as comfortably as possible.

    1. Mr. Answer Man, uhh… D.J.H., Priest were a monumental band in my life…this is a very sensitive moment for me, and for a lot of people…..your message to the band ….I just picture the proverbial door closing in front of you….yeah, thanks for that buddy.

      You also brought up Halford’s band; I just now listened to it with my full attention…I have been critical of Priest’s recent output, and I could never get into Halford’s metal solo band because Priest to me is like the finest restaurant with the best cuisine there is…anything less, and I actually get upset over it…it has to be done exactly right, or it’s no good…After listening to Halford’s solo stuff I like a lot of his ideas, I wish some of those melodies had been saved for a Priest record…but, his sound was more underground, you had longer instrumental passages a la Mercyful Fate. Priest, on the other hand, had the sound of a major band. Huge difference allowing for the fact that both bands have the same singer and main writer!

    2. Priest in their prime…..we were beyond spoiled. Even albums that received harsh critique like Turbo or one of my personal favorites, Point of Entry were better than most competitors could put out.

      The first Fight album and the First Halford album are two of my favorites, just spectacular. Its definitely not Priest, but it’s phenomenal to me.

      I’ve started to wonder if this is what KK meant when he shut it down and stated that the band could no longer put out the type of performance deemed good enough for Priest fans. The timing of everything is almost correct based on Glenn’s diagnosis.

      I f’n love Glenn Tipton. I’m going to somehow try and just appreciate what this band has given me all my life instead of lamenting the news we’ve just all received.

      Defenders of the Faith….

    3. Even an album like Ram It Down with that drum machine; the riffs and leads on there, and Rob’s vocals…still were just first class all the way. You’re right, we were spoiled, that band is what kept us together in the 80s when we used to party like maniacs pretty much. The times we drove crazy distances just to see them, in cars that barely ran…we didn’t care, we were going to see Priest!…those shows I got to see were as close to being in heaven on earth as far as what a concert could give you.

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