Jon Bon Jovi revealed the title of his band’s new album on Tuesday night (August 27th) on board the Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean Cruise. Speaking to fans in the Norwegian Pearl’s intimate Stardust Theater, Bon Jovi shared that the new record will be titled: Bon Jovi: 2020.

“It’s an election year, so why not?” said the New Jersey rocker. “I couldn’t do any worse…”

Bon Jovi added that the album will feature more “socially conscious” themes, including songs about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and the recent shootings in Ohio and Texas…

Read more at Variety.

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  • Doug R. on

    Craig, if you don’t like Bon Jovi, and aren’t interested in this article, then why did you read it? And if Blue Murder puts you to sleep, don’t listen to them, very simple. As far as GVF goes, yes, Zeppelin borrowed some parts from some songs for some of their own, but the difference is they weren’t blatantly trying to sound like another band. You got to have at least some kind of originality! I just don’t see it or hear it at all with GVF.

  • Rattlehead on

    Craig, are you simply trolling for reaction?? Everyone who visits this site knows that, sure as hell, Eddie has helped promote GVF. Personally, I don’t like them cuz they’re a blatant Zeppelin rip off, and I find that boring, boring, boring. But regardless of how I feel about them, I know they are gaining traction, which is good for our genre of music, and Eddie has indeed helped with their exposure, even though you appear to have not noticed it. And, again personally, I think Blue Murder is awesome, the band sounds great and they’re all great players. And please, no more trolling on articles you didn’t enjoy. It puts me to sleep faster than GVF. Haha

    • Rattlehead on

      Craig, your comment posted in the Bon Jovi article really had nothing to do with Bon Jovi. Rather, it bashed Blue Murder and glorified GVF. So, you may have got some reaction you were fishing for, but it really wasn’t due to your Bon Jovi comments.

      Music is subjective as far as what we as fans enjoy. And the “music biz” might commercially suck right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t newer bands out there putting out music for fans to enjoy. You like GVF, good for you. And I’m not sure what you mean by “pretender”, but I’d prefer to listen to newer bands like Ghost, Evile, Hatchet, Holy Grail, or Spellcaster (well, now Silver Talon), and Municipal Waste. These bands may not sound like 70s bands, and that fine by me. I like music from all eras. And if we don’t agree on what we enjoy, that’s fine, too. Again, music is subjective.

      So you pretend all you want to be back in the 70s, if that brings you joy. I’ll stay in the now and enjoy the newer bands I like.

      Copperheads are bad ass venomous snakes, so that would actually be a pretty cool ID, too…and who knows, if you came around with those headphones, you just may get bit and have an ass full of snake fangs. ha ha

  • genesraccoonwig on

    Reported Songs on this release:

    Wanted Dead (Not Alive) – Trump Remix
    You Give Love a Bad Name (Stormy Daniels duet)
    Never Say Goodbye – Hillary Remix
    Bad Medicine – Obama Remix
    Ill Sleep When I am Dead – Ruth Ginsberg special Rap Edition

    • Dana on

      LOL!!! Excellent.

    • dcinsc7 on

      Funny.. The Ginsberg joke is gold.

    • Dana on

      I loved yours so much, I wanted to see if I could come up with a few.

      Livin’ On A Breadline (The Sanders remix)
      Socialist Disease
      Raise Your Hands (If You Think AOC is dumb)
      Lay Your Hands On Me Epstein (too soon?)
      Lie-A-Watha To Me (The Warren remix)
      This House Is For Sale (The L.A. edition)
      Beto Wine (claims it originates from Spain, but is actually made in Ireland)

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Lol Dana….Wig Approved 🙂

      Love the Raise Your Hands.

      and one more….

      Keep the Faith (William Barr Edition)

    • Dana on

      LOL!! The Barr one is a thumbs up. 🙂

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Two Thumbs up Dana!

    • Dana on

      LOL! Yes, two thumbs up.

  • dcinsc7 on

    “Socially conscious”? It’s about time. Songs about PTSD and domestic terrorism. I’m so proud how 80s artist continue to evolve and grow despite some fans who criticize them for not being twenty years old anymore and singing their classic songs all the time, or disparage them because the band doesn’t have ALL original members anymore. Def Leppard, Tesla, WASP still continue to put out great new music. I’m glad Bon Jovi still feels the need to use his talent to speak his truth.

    • Doug R. on

      D7, quoting the Rolling Stones – Oh No, Not You Again…

  • Brian B on

    I will still listen to old Bon Jovi at times. Good stuff. But I have no interest in their newer material. AOR is not for me….. I am all for GVF and I am not bothered at all by the Zepplin “imitation”. We need more new bands to sound like Zepplin.

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