Joe Satriani and Steve Vai have released the official music video for the first of their three-part collaboration track, The Sea Of Emotion. Directed by Joe‘s son Z.Z. Satriani, the clip recalls the beginning of Satriani and Vai‘s 50-year-long friendship. The result is described as “a whole lot of awesomeness and a trip back to the ’70s.”

Satriani said of the song’s inspiration, “When Steve and I decided the time had finally come for us to collaborate on an album, I immediately thought of our humble beginnings, where we came from, and our teenage rock ‘n’ roll hopes and dreams. To anybody else, it may look like just a field, part of the sprawling Carle Place Public School complex, but for some of us, back in the early ’70s, when the sun went down and the moon came up, [that field] became The Sea Of Emotion. We would hang out there late at night and share our deepest thoughts. The memories we shared at that location so long ago became the inspiration for a musical journey in three parts. Each part of the song has little reminders of what we were so into musically back then, including a chord sequence that Steve and I would sometimes jam over during guitar lessons.”

Vai added, “As young teenagers, we would sit overlooking this magnificent field and wax on generously for hours about the meaning of life and many other deep, rich discussions. We deemed this field The Sea Of Emotion: 50 years later, it has been memorialized in melody and groove.

“Connecting with Joe on this track, and the other music we are working on, is perhaps the most rewarding musical collaboration I’ve ever engaged in,” he continued.

“Although we’ve toured and recorded jams together through the decades, for this music we are intimately bringing together our melodic impulses and playing techniques and creating something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

Joe and Steve performed The Sea Of Emotion, Pt. 1 live for the first time at the start of their joint tour on March 22nd at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida, visit here for tour dates.

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