jackRussell Great White and co-founding member/original lead singer Jack Russell have announced that they have entered into an agreement settling their pending litigation over the “Great White” name.

In March, 2012, Russell sued his former band-mates Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie and Audie Desbrow over their continuing use of “Great White” after Russell had taken a leave of absence from the band for medical reasons. The band countersued, and the parties have been involved in contentious litigation for the last year. After three days of closed-door mediation before U.S. Magistrate Judge Carla Woehrle, the parties reached a comprehensive agreement. While many of the terms of the agreement will remain confidential, it can be revealed that, going forward, the current Great White band will continue to use the name “Great White”‘ and Russell will perform under the name “Jack Russell’s Great White.”

Jack Russell’s Great White has hit the high seas to embark in a two month two moth voyage across the Nation until early Fall.

Multi-Platinum original singer of Great White still brings it to the stage belting out all the original beloved songs that made the band take a place in rock history. Russell will be performing all their greatest hits from Save All Your Love, One Bitten Twice Shy, Rock Me and more.

Jack Russell’s Great White Tours Dates – More to be added~

7/23/13 Fargo, ND The Windbreak – ** Venue Change
7/24/13 Dickinson, ND Army’s West Sports Bar
7/26/13 Royalton, MN Halfway Jam Festival Grounds
7/27/13 Savage, MN Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill
7/28/13 Thunder Bay, ON Crocks
7/31/13 Oklahoma City, OK Chameleon Room

08/2/13 St. Louis, MO Fubar
08/4/13 Etobicoke, ON The Rock Pile
08/8/13 Sturgis, SD Glencoe Camp Resort
08/9/13 Sturgis, SD Eeasyrider’s Saloon
08/10/13 Hazel Green, WI Sandy Hook Tavern
08/12/13 Clifton, NJ Dingbats **** New Show
08/13/13 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
08/15/13 Clarion, PA Wasteland Live
08/16/13 White Marsh, MD House Of Rock
08/17/13 Lancaster, PA Village Nightclub
08/19/13 Warren, PA Holiday Inn (Acoustic Performance)
08/20/13 Luzerene, PA Brews Bros West
08/22/13 Appleton, WI Luna Lounge
08/23/13 Viroqua, WI Vernon County Fiargrounds – JAMMIN
08/24/13 Muscatine, IA Elms Supper Club & Lounge
08/27/13 Little Rock, AR Revolution Music Room
08/29/13 San Antonio, TX Boozehounds
08/30/13 Dallas, TX The Boiler Room
08/31/13 Houston, TX Concert Pub North

09/2/13 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Harley
09/7/13 Clovis, NM Curry County Events Center
09/8/13 El Paso, TX Pop’s Cantina
09/14/13 Versailles, OH BMI Indoor Speedway
09/20/13 San Juan Capistrano, CA The Coach House
09/21/13 Corona, CA Marquee 15
09/28/13 Macon, GA Cox Capital Theatre

10/18/13 North Platte, NE Sculley’s Shooters – Skull Fest
11/29/13 Agoura Hills, CA The Canyon

For more information, please visit www.jacksgreatwhite.com or www.facebook.com/jacksgwpiratespage.


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  1. A cruise from Jersey City to Brooklyn accentuated by the brilliance of Jack Russell + co. is the perfect setting to propose to the mother of your children. A real lady with class. No body piercings or STDs or white sneakers. I m talking the one you cannot let getaway. NOT A WOMAN BUT A WHORE I CAN TASTE THE HATE. Excuse me…. A school teacher type with a shaved pu##y who drinks wine but never finishes one glass ’cause that would be gluttonous that is who you take on a GREAT WHITE cruise. Maybe if he s not busy, JR could announce your love to the rest of the GREAT WHITE ARMY present and JRGW will do a moving rendition of HERE COMES THE BRIDE. That is motherf@#king romance.

  2. Also look @ that group photo @ the top of the page. Are those the most badass looking guys who sing macho metal for free @ chicken barbecues in Houston and Missouri? Why the angry faces? Rock music is fun. Smile and take pride (WHITE LION reference) in your JACK RUSSELL GREAT WHITENESS. Cheer up and entertain (doh! ) the masses. Everybody loves a band with JRGWs pedigree. NO MORE LAWSUITS. NO MORE FIGHTS And God will wipe away the tears and there will be no more suffering…

  3. The reality is the ABU GHRIAB inmates were okay with the dog collars, ass pyramids, being pissed on, and bit by dogs but they knew they were being short changed when JACK RUSSELL GREAT WHITE showed up instead of GREAT WHITE GREAT WHITE to do a show for the down and out terrorists in jail. An indignity like that must be avenged. One original member. WELL F@#K YOU! They had to blow the whistle. The TALIBAN have taste in their GREAT WHITEs.

  4. It sounds like you people have no taste, talent, or respect for anyone, even yourself….. did any of you even right a song! (no). did any of you even like music! sounds like that’s a no (too).. can any of you play (babe I’m gonna leave you) like great white did! that’s a big (no).. watch it on you tube maybe you to could then learn a thing or to about music… give these guys a break! you never did what they did in the music trade, so until than leave them alone and get your own slut’s!!! and write your own music !!!!

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