Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 – 1983, a newly remastered 6CD, 66 track boxset, brings together Michael Schenker material recorded from 1979 – 1983. It will be released on March 29th through Chrysalis Records and be pre-ordered, here.

A turbulent time for Michael, following his exit from UFO via Scorpions, features the studio albums Michael Schenker Group, MSG, Assault Attack, Built to Destroy (both UK and US versions) as well as a disc of demos & alternative versions featuring the entire 1979 demo tape, rare monitor mixes and single versions and a disc of completely unreleased material, with early studio takes and rough monitor mixes. At the centre of this package is a 52-page booklet which includes newly conducted interviews with Michael Schenker, Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet, with extensive liner notes by Jerry Ewing of Classic Rock, neatly annotated with rare photographs and imagery. This stylish set comes housed in a two-piece slipcase box with all original album art reproduced as mini-LP sleeves with inner sleeves. All music has been remastered from original tape transfers at AIR Mastering.

Following Schenker’s departure from UFO and Scorpions and having gained a reputation as one of the most exciting guitarists in hard rock, anticipation was high for Michael’s own band – MSG did not disappoint. Leading the burgeoning heavy metal scene, this string of albums solidified their position as one of the most important figures on the scene.

Format: 6-CD two-piece slipcase box set with all material newly remastered at AIR Studios. 52-page booklet with liner notes from Jerry Ewing and interviews with Michael Schenker, Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet. Featuring two bonus discs of previously unreleased and rare music.


Disc 1 – Michael Schenker Group: 1. Armed and Ready 2. Cry for the Nations 3. Victim of Illusion 4. Bijou Pleasurette 5.  Feels Like a Good Thing 6. Into the Arena 7. Looking out from Nowhere 8. Tales of Mystery 9. Lost Horizons

Disc 2 – MSG: 1. Ready to Rock 2. Attack of the Mad Axeman 3. On and On 4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 5. But I Want More 6. Never Trust a Stranger 7. Looking for Love 8. Secondary Motion 

Disc 3 – Assault Attack: 1. Assault Attack 2. Rock You to the Ground 3. Dancer 4. Samurai 5. Desert Song 6. Broken Promises 7. Searching for a Reason 8. Ulcer

Disc 4 – Built To Destroy: Original Mix: 1. Rock My Nights Away 2. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 3. The Dogs of War 4. Systems Failing 5. Captain Nemo 6. Still Love That Little Devil 7. Red Sky 8. Time Waits (For No One) 9. Walk the Stage U.S. Mix: 10. I’m Gonna Make You Mine 11. Time Waits (For No One) 12. Systems Failing 13. Rock Will Never Die 14. Red Sky 15. Rock My Nights Away 16. Captain Nemo 17. The Dogs of War 18. Still Love That Little Devil

Disc 5 – Demos & Alt. Versions: 1. Just A Lover (1979 Demo) 2. Looking Out From Nowhere (1979 Demo) 3. Get Up And Get Down (1979 Demo) 4. After Midnight (1979 Demo) 5. Breakout (1979 Demo) 6. Cry For The Nations (Radio Edit) 7. Armed and Ready (Guitar Hero: Metallica) 8. Dogs Of War (Edit) 9. Never Trust A Stranger (Monitor Mix) 10. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Sounds Flexi Edit) 11. Girl From Uptown (Single Version) 12. Dancer (DJ 7” Edit) 13. Don’t Take It Out On Me (Non-Album Track)

Disc 6 – Unreleased: 1. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Rough Monitor Mix) 2. Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Alt. Version – Monitor Mix) 3. Never Say Die (Live Rehearsal Take) 4. On And On (Rough Monitor Mix) 5. Looking For Love (Monitor Mix) 6. But I Want More (Rough Monitor Mix) 7. Girl From Uptown (Alternate Version) 8. Rock You To The Ground (Rough Alt. Mix) 9. Ulcer (Early Studio Take) 10. Captain Nemo (Early Studio Take).

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  • Wrecked Neck on

    Might pick this up. I only have his first album and keep meaning to pick up more. This might be a good way to go.

    • Dana on

      Schenker is a really great guitar player.

    • Rattlehead on

      Yep, really great guitar player….but bad brother to Rudolph Schenker.

    • Dana on

      How do you know it isn’t the reverse? 😉

  • VintageVinylVets on

    We’ve already preordered this set and counting the days! Even though we own all the vinyl of UFO and his solo stuff, we couldn’t resist this particular box set of CD’s. Loved the “Strangers In The Night” Deluxe box set Chrysalis put out, so I don’t think we’ll be disappointed!

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