brucedickinson400 Jon Blistein of Rolling Stone reports:

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson will take the helm onstage and in the air next year when the metal outfit embarks on a six-continent world tour, flying in a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet piloted by the singer himself.

Dates and venues are still being finalized for the 2016 trek, which will be in support of the group’s upcoming double LP, The Book of Souls, out September 4th. Iron Maiden will kick off the tour in the United States in late February before flying to Mexico and Central America in early March, where they’ll perform their first concert in El Salvador. They’ll also hit South America that month before returning to the U.S. and Canada for shows through early April.

…Iron Maiden are leasing the 747 through Air Atlanta Icelandic and Dickinson — an avid amateur pilot — is currently training for his license to fly the four-engine jet. In a statement, the singer gushed about the 747’s size and speed — “it is marginally faster o.85 MACH and the range of around 7000 [nautical miles] (13,000 km)” — and noted that the band plans to make a few internal modifications and give the jet a fresh paint job, featuring, of course, their famed mascot Eddie.

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  1. How can Bruce Dickinson be just an a “avid amateur pilot” , when he’s flown the whole band and crew, stage set, instruments, and everything that goes with the whole production around the world twice already? These weren’t small prop puddle jumper planes! Oh wait, I just realized the source. Some ” jack arse ” from ROLLING STONE! Who probably didn’t even know who IRON MAIDEN were until their boss told them to make a comment or story on the upcoming tour. Please Eddie and I mean Trunk, fwd this to rolling stone. Maybe it will embarrass them enough to get their heads out of their arse’s. I check your site daily for my rock/metal news. Thanks and keep up the great work. God bless Bruce and up the irons!

    1. Fantastic point, agree completely. Another Rolling Stone journalistic fool who knows nothing about metal. I’m surprised RS would even have a mention about Iron Maiden.

  2. In a related story, Paul Di’Anno just got licensed to drive a golf cart. Joking aside, I love Di’Anno era Maiden. Less polished, more grit and very potent and aggressive. Like a good horseradish.

  3. Best health to Bruce and the band, making a real statement that they’re back.

    I wanted to comment on an earlier thread since this is Maiden-related, questioning Jannick Gers value to the band. I just watched the Rock am Ring concert from last summer on you tube. The short answer as to why he’s still there after Adrian Smith’s return to the band is that Steve Harris thinks he should be, which is good enough for me.

    A longer answer is that the band sounds much fuller with three guitars. Maiden are known for the “twin-guitar” harmonies, but many of those parts are three harmonies, or two with a rhythm part. Gers also doubles certain parts, such as the main guitar lick to Wasted Years.

    Overall, in my opinion they sound night and day better than they did on Live after Death, and Gers is a big part of that. (On a side note, Bruce sounds way better now too). Gers also contributes to the songwriting. It’s also possible that he has a positive effect in ways you wouldn’t see unless you were in the band, like in rehearsals, etc. So yes, Gers stays until Steve Harris and the band say otherwise.

    1. Greg,
      I was the one that mentioned Gers. I respect your opinion and like I said, his musical chops are not in question to me. He ripped it up on the Fear of the Dark Tour where he filled Adrian’s shoes nicely. I stand by what I said, however, that catching them a couple of summers ago and watching him closely, it felt like Maiden had a go go dancer up there instead of a third guitarist. His hands weren’t even on the strings alot of the time. Harris is obviously loyal to him and I won’t pretend to know the inner workings of the band. Look forward to the new tunes and tour!

    2. I agree, there’s just no need for three guitarists. That’s not to diminish his skills, and it’s very nice of the band to keep him, when they are not obligated to. Two guitars is plenty. (One, if it’s Randy Rhodes)

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