Vinnie Vincent has announced that his upcoming concert at Graceland, his first return to the stage in over 30 years, will be half unplugged, half “full shred” with electric guitar.

Vinnie said, “I’ve been paying attention to what the fans are writing and saying, and seeing how many fans want me to put on the electric guitar and shred on so many of the great songs we all know and love.”

With many sections of the theatre already sold out for the show, the concert at Graceland will start with an acoustic set, followed by an intermission, and then a full shred electric set. In addition to Special Guest Robert Fleischman, original vocalist for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, who will be joining Vinnie for several songs including Back On The Streets, more special guests will be announced soon.

Vinnie will be releasing a special promotional video for the Memphis show on Friday, September 28th, 2018 at 12:00 Noon PST to give fans a little taste of what to expect at the Graceland show, plus maybe a surprise or two.

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  1. I hope someone films this. There is an interesting story to be told here. A fascinating heavy metal documentary in the works. If this show is good that’s a story, and if it’s awful well that is also a story. As far as a human interest story goes this can’t lose. While Vinny isn’t a household name, the band KISS most certainly is. The story of the disappearing guitarist from the hottest band in the land. Where the hell have you been for the last 25 years? I love a good documentary. AND NOW MEGAFORCE FILMS PRESENTS “THE INVASION OF VINNY VINCENT’S” MIND “featuring Gene Simmons, Marc Slaughter and a bunch of dudes who hate Vinny with a passion. Directed by Dana.

  2. Ok, but come on, “Vinnie Vincent’s Kiss”?? the guy comes out from that rock he was hiding under and he’s back to being his weasely self in just under three short months….Sorry Vinnie, you are one great musician but you weren’t in Kiss but for a couple of years….People have memories and visions of famous people that are pretty tainted…”The Ankh Warrior!” …please.

    1. You’re being too negative. For crying out loud let the man make a couple of dollars. Of course he’s going to market himself as a one time KISS member and why not? He was. TOO MUCH INTERNET. He’s doing a one off show at a small venue and you’re in a rage. How much could he possibly pocket? $5000.00. And that upsets you. Also……….Did you get any word on the BLACK SABBATH TONY MARTIN reissues? You expressed interest some time ago.

    2. He was trying to register “Vinnie Vincent’s Kiss” as his trademark; just another snakebite on the hand that fed can wish him well and people will seem like the most sincere nicest people in the world but then watch what they do…Vinnie is a shifty little dude man.

      The Tony Martin remasters got held up because it turns out that Headless Cross and Kingdom Come are the same recording sessions.

    3. I agree, Shannon. VV is a weasel. I wish VV the best and VV has talent, but VV can be a snake, too.

      And I agree with Michael that VV’s return makes for an interesting story, and I too, hope this gets filmed/recorded. I enjoy the talent of shredder guitarists, so I’m very anxious to know if VV can still tear it up on an electric guitar.

  3. I live close enough to Nashville that I could go see this , what’s weird to me is why does the post say “sections” of the theatre are sold out,… is this some new dumb marketing strategy ??? its either a sold out show or not – even though I want to see Vinnie succeed and I really hope he does , what I have heard and watched of him playing acoustically on you tube has been pretty awful – and I have never been into shred guitarists, Vinnie is capable of some pretty tasteful playing as well- I want to see him really rehearsed and ready to go , with a great singer and a tight band ready to light it up – I don’t see this show as being to good – IMO if your going to charge people money you don’t half ass it , you rehearse until you can blow the roof off the joint or you don’t do it

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