Metal Hammer reports:

Kerry King has revealed that he reacted with “anger” when when it was first suggested that Slayer split up.

…King says, “[I was angry]… what else? It was premature. The reason I say ‘premature’ is because my heroes from my childhood are still playing. I can still play, I still want to play, but that livelihood got taken away from me. 

But, anyway, on to the next chapter, I guess. We were on top of the world, and there’s nothing wrong with going out on top of the world, it’s a good way to go out. So, bravo for that. But do I miss playing? Yeah, absolutely…”

….[So, what do? Well, a solo project.]  which [reportedly] won’t disappoint Slayer fans. “If you know my work, you know what it’s going to sound like,” he says.

Slayer played their final show on November 30th, 2019, in Los Angeles, four years after the release of their final album, Repentless.

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  1. KK is correct, Slayer went out on top. Many of his “heroes” can’t make a similar claim. The fact that KK is “angry” bodes well that he will write brutal new music with his solo project.

    Slayer, though, did retire too early. They were still creating and performing killer thrash music. Slayer are my favorite thrash band and gained their success doing it their way….consistent, brutal, dark, thrash music. I saw them live countless times, including their final show in Los Angeles.

    F’n Slayer! \m/

  2. Hopefully he is just angry at the situation and not his former band mates, when you don’t have the music in your heart and and lose the passion of performing ,you have to walk away and that is someone’s personal right , then all the business drama that comes with it the other guys the band probably thought enough is enough and as the post said their musical talents were intact , they went out at the top of their game , unlike many other who shall remain nameless …..gene & paul ~

  3. Robert, I’d bet KK is angry at the situation, not his band mate, Tom Araya, who wanted to retire. IMO, Slayer was always honest to its fan base and true to their word. With the firing of Lombardo and death of Hanneman (a principal songwriter), I think KK knew, in his heart, he couldn’t simply replace Araya and continue calling the band “Slayer”.

    The best thing for KK was to form a new band and continue, musically, where Slayer left off…..still creating brutal thrash music.

  4. I’m with King and I think he should call up Lombardo and do an album. Probably won’t happen, but it would be awesome. Slayer was my last show shortly before the Covid crap. They were on fire in Spokane that night.

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