Graham Hartmann of Loudwire reports:

KISS will begin on The End of the Road in 2019 and remain on tour for three years, finally reaching the twilight of their career. Though [original guitarist Ace] Frehley hasn’t been a member of KISS since 2002, his enormous contributions to the band haven’t faded with fans, as they’re constantly demanding a reunion.

“They’re testing the waters,” Frehley says about his former KISS bandmates. “I think they’re waiting for promoters to come back and say, ‘Well, we’ll give you X amount of dollars if Ace is involved and Peter is involved.’ It’s all about money with those guys and they’ll be the first to admit it, especially Gene. When Doc McGee gets a call from a promoter and they say, ‘We’ll give you double the amount of money with Ace and Peter,’ we’re gonna get the call.”

“If I come back, I’m gonna take my throne back, or I’m not coming back,” says about sharing a stage with KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer. “A lot of fans are saying if I’m not involved in the next tour, they’re not going. That’s probably making Paul and Gene a little nervous … I can’t imagine them doing an ‘End of the Road’ tour with the same lineup. They’ve been playing for 15 years, there’s nothing special about doing one last big tour with the same lineup.”

Ace adds, “I told Paul and Gene, ‘I’m the guy now that you’ve always wanted me to be.’ I was a screwup and I was always late and didn’t show up on time and missed recording sessions. I was telling them this year, ‘I’m now the guy you always wanted me to be.’ Hopefully it sinks in, you know?”

Watch Loudwire‘s interview with Ace Frehley below. To purchase Frehley’s new album, Spaceman, please click here.


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  • DR Is Live on

    Ace adds, “I told Paul and Gene, ‘I’m the guy now that you’ve always wanted me to be.’ I was a screwup and I was always late and didn’t show up on time and missed recording sessions. I was telling them this year, ‘I’m now the guy you always wanted me to be.’ Hopefully it sinks in, you know?”

    I’ve really wondered about this. Ace seems like he’s trying to prove something, and I’ve assumed he’s trying to prove it to Gene and Paul. I’ve no doubt he’ll be involved in one way or another. Its more a matter of to what degree.

    I also believe Gene would be on board with this. Paul…?

    If Paul Stanley thinks the current line up will garner the type of excitement and interest as past members, he’s even more full of himself than I realized. I’ve never had a problem with what Gene/Paul have done with their brand, as it is their’s. But this conversation is a little different.

    I don’t need Peter Criss on this tour, and physically it’s not realistic. But not a chance in hell I’m paying max $$$ to say goodbye to Tommy Thayer.

  • Keith G on

    I hope Ace (and maybe Peter) is part of the final KISS tour in some way. But Ace is starting to sound a little desperate! And, I get it! He will make a heck of a lot more money being brought back into KISS for this final tour than he ever will as a solo act. So, now he’s telling Gene and Paul that he’s cleaned up his act and is so professional that they should invite him back because that’s what they’ve always wanted from him. But his getting sober and more mature now doesn’t erase the history of immature behavior that caused him to being asked to leave the band on previous occasions. Gene and Paul both have said that they like the current version of KISS better than any previous version, so there would have to be a really good reason for them to bring Ace back in. And with Gene and Paul, MONEY would probably do the trick!!

  • robert davenport on

    you are right, this version of kiss with tommy and eric dressing as ace & pete is fake , throw in the lip syncing and you have a sham –

  • Saba boch on

    Ace sounded dam awful on the Kiss Kruise. He should have kept the old band Richie was way better and wicked entertaining running around like Pete Townshend used too. His old drummer at least sang and sounded better than Paul Stanly. Ace now has to sing all of his set. Ace its not working, Get rid of the new band or add Ritchie to it.

    • Dana on

      Why are you even here after you had the nerve to accuse, and insult me, over censoring content/comments, which I never did? Based solely on your poor judgement in that scenario, I don’t think you could afford to criticize anyone, imho.

      Finally, you blamed me for driving traffic away from this site, which like everything else you stated, is not true. However, I wouldn’t mind if I drove YOU away.

      PS-“Dam” is spelled “damn” and “Stanly” is spelled “Stanley.”

    • Doug R. on

      Hit the road Jack off
      And don’t you come back
      No more no more no more
      No more!

    • genesraccoonwig on


      Thank you for all you do – especially catering to all the knuckleheads (myself included) in discussing Kiss – a group way past its prime – grown men in makeup / high heels with some pushing close to 70!!

      Not sure whether to laugh or cry 🙂

    • Dana on

      You are so very welcome, your name always makes me chuckle.

      D 🙂

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Goodness, this business about lip synching’s got me really concerned; it’s a Kiss axiom that their show is 100% live even if there’s a hidden keyboard player, it’s live. I would have no problem with Eric Singer doubling Paul now…that was always a strength of Kiss’s, that they had four vocalists who could cover each other…why should that be any different now? Ace’s guitar is the Kiss sound…I saw him solo on his Space Invaders tour and he plays with so much force and his guitar sounded exactly like it does on Kiss Alive! it actually caused this chemical reaction in my brain.

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