“What are the greatest rock albums of all-time?” Perhaps one of the more common questions examined between music-loving chums, that has led to many a good-natured debate. But if you really dig deeper into the question…is it from the standpoint of the album’s importance in rock history? A classic release that proved significant to an artist’s career? Or perhaps merely a personal favorite, that you just can’t get enough of? 

Rock writer/author Greg Prato took all three of these pointers into consideration while painstakingly whittling it down to 50 entries for A+ Albums: The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics (Vol. I), 1970-1982; plus 50 more for A+ Albums: The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics (Vol. II), 1982-2000 (both titles are available for purchase as paperback, hardcover, and Kindle versions, and soon, an audio version narrated by the author).

The set-up is simple – set in chronological order vis-à-vis release date, each entry contains a brief artist history, where the album fits in their history, an analyzation of the material, and in most cases, quotes from either the artist or someone associated with the recording, and/or a renowned admirer (as well as chart placements and certifications, where applicable). 

According to Prato, our very own Eddie Trunk is included discussing albums such as: Rainbow: Rising, UFO: Strangers in the Night, Maiden’s debut, KISS: Creatures of the Night, as well as others.

To order the books, click on the highlighted links: Vol I and Vol II.

An excerpt about Queen can be read here, and Soundgarden, here.

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  • Real Paul Stanley on

    I’m not even sure how it’s possible to make such a list.

    • Dana on

      In the end, I guess it comes down to album sales, consensus of mass general opinion and press adulation?

  • robert davenport on

    I don’t know how to make a list either too much great music

  • Doug R. on

    Without thinking too hard or too long about it, the 1st album that comes to my mind is AC⚡DC’s Back In Black! All killer, NO filler!! Definitely a A+!

  • Yankee Rose on

    The first Van Halen record better be in there.

  • robert davenport on

    Kiss alive, unleashed in the east, strangers in the night , Tokyo tapes, made in Japan, I listen to these quite a bit –

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