Multi-platinum hard rock titans Godsmack today (April 8th) have released the video for their new hit single Unforgettable from their latest smash album When Legends Rise (BMG).

With music programs continuing to be at risk in schools across the country, it was important for the band–Sully Erna [vocals, guitar], Tony Rombola [guitar], Robbie Merrill [bass] and Shannon Larkin [drums]–to make a video about the power of music to uplift lives. They invited 400+ aspiring musicians from all over New England to join them at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH for the shoot.

The Unforgettable video culminates a two-year process where the band involved students, starting with the recording of the song when 20 students joined them in the studio to provide vocals on the chorus. These same students were also invited to perform the song live onstage with Godsmack at their show in Gilford, NH on August 22nd, 2018 at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. Earlier this year, the band returned to the Gilbert H. Hood Middle School and enlisted students to rehearse with them the day before the shoot to prepare them for the filming. As part of the band’s visit, Sully talked to the students about his life–the challenges, blending in, how music saved him–and encouraged the young musicians to continue to pursue their dreams.

“We took these middle school students on a two-year long journey to show them how important music truly is to us all,” Sully says. “Throughout 2018, we continued to include these kids in all aspects of the process by showing up at their school and personally teaching them the song, including them to join a part of our world tour inviting them to perform live onstage with us, taking them to NYC to further educate them on the business side of the music industry, visiting them at their schools to talk to them about the gift of music, and ultimately inviting them to shoot their first ‘official music video’ with the band.”

Unforgettable comes on the heels of last year’s career first for the band when they scored three #1 singles from Godsmack’s critically acclaimed and seventh studio album When Legends Rise. The song is currently at #11 on the active rock charts. It follows Under Your Scars, which was the group’s third #1, and the album’s two previous tracks that were #1 active rock hits: When Legends Rise and Bulletproof the latter of which was recently certified Gold in the U.S. and was also the most-played song at rock radio in 2018. When Legends Rise entered the Billboard Top 200 album chart in the top ten (#8), with four #1 placements on other charts: Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Music Albums, Top Independent Albums and Top Alternative Albums.

Watch the video for Unforgettable, below.

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  1. Great video for a great song. Music really does save lives, and unlike other things in life, it really is always there for you. Thank God for Godsmack.

    1. this song is terrible…ok? no…seriously…how long can they keep flogging it? this is re jumping the shark…for what? the 20th time now?

    2. I hear ya, can’t beat the first 4 albums! Especially “Awake,” and “Faceless.” In my opinion though “When Legends Rise” is their best since “IV.” I would love to do a Godsmack top 20… Re-Align would be my #1! You know how I feel about that song, LOVE that f–king solo! And Shannon Larkin is such an underrated drummer.

    3. Doug…Happy Easter..and Doug…wait…ok…I love Godsmack’s music…about a dozen years ago I made my own mix tape of Godsmack .it was awesome…Godsmack has gotten me through some very tough times …I met Sully once and I think he was not in the mood to talk to me….but anyway…remember when the Fonz ran out of things to do so they had him do a water ski stunt and he jumped over a shark? well….let’s see…the acoustic Godsmack album jumped the shark…..that comedy video jumped it…and this video jumps it…what’s next? Sully is going to get into professional drum offs during Godsmack’s set and then arm wrtestle the other drummer/fan for multi media release? They have nothing left to say…they’ve flogged their one, albeit great, lick into the ground to where it’s fracking the earth at this point…please…make it stop.

    4. Happy Easter to you as well, Shannon. Most bands can never top their early material, that’s just a fact, but what I don’t get is, as soon as they experiment and try something different, fans jump all over them, but if they stick with the same formula, then they get criticized for that as well, so what are they supposed to do? I’m glad to see a ROCK band showing interest and getting young people interested in Rock music, maybe there’s hope for the future yet! This is a good thing, learning about vocals and harmonies, and INSTRUMENTS, instead of scratching records, show young people how to MAKE records! Like I said, thank God for Godsmack! Who else is doing this? Can’t think of anyone. Maybe if more Rock bands show interest in the younger people, they’ll show more interest in Rock music.
      Stay healthy, and be safe! Happy Easter! 🙂

    5. Lol…when has Godsmack experimented with their sound? They’ve watered it down…they’ve put it in a different context…remember when they dressed Fonzie up in a suit with a bow tie? ..that’s not experimenting…Godsmack has one sound…contrast to Priest…Priest experimented with their sound…And i am not knocking a band that sticks with a formula as good as theirs….they should do what they want but if they do it in public I might call them on it.

      Doug, youngsters don’t need a major rock band coming to their school ..lol….it’s just a stunt…I bet Happy Days had Fonzie talk to kids too…did they? I bet they did.

      There are plenty of young kids who play instruments and are really advanced players…

    6. Shannon, I got 3 words for you – SIT ON IT! 😉 You are obsessed with The Fonz! I love Happy Days as much as anybody, but dude, gimme a breakamundo! AAAYYYY! LOL!!!

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