Sweden’s Ghost, with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, have announced the first ever pop-up event from Metal Myths, the esteemed show that explores the histories and mysteries of the world’s most extreme bands.

For one night only on February 1st at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California, Metal Myths Presents: Ghost – Reverence & Resurrection will pay unique and extensive tribute to the classic 1969 era of Ghost, a band that didn’t actually form until some four decades later.

From 4 p.m. until well into the evening, fans will have the rare opportunity to behold and worship artifacts from the short-lived but massively influential 1969 iteration of the band. Long unseen and never before publicly displayed, these artifacts will include:

* Ghost’s 1969 costumes and ghoul masks on the very same Whisky A Go Go stage where the band performed its now-legendary September 13th, 1969 show.

* Rare magazine covers, the only surviving remnants of the mainstream music press coverage of Ghost from that era.

* A veritable treasure trove of ephemera on display for the first and possibly only time.

Ghost – Reverence & Resurrection will also offer attendees the opportunity to pick up exclusive merchandise and other surprises, including an advance chance to purchase the much-anticipated purple vinyl reissue of their 1969 seven-inch Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic, featuring Kiss The Go Goat and the song that would land them its first spot on the Billboard Hot 100 “decades” after its original release, Mary On A Cross.

For one day and one day only, Ghost’s legacy will be on display for all who wish to step back in time and walk through the history of this one-of-a-kind band.

For further information, go to

Capacity is limited, so arriving early is highly recommended.

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  1. Great, great newer band. I love Ghost! They may sometimes border sounding like pop, but so what? I think Tobias writes catchy tunes and I love the imagery. The band puts on entertaining live shows and has fun with the crowd.

  2. I love square hammer great great tune , I like them as well , but when they played my neck of the woods they were running tracks- so I will not be going to see them live again , too bad really they are young and have enough members on stage they don’t have to do it ….

  3. Really?? Running tracks?? Tobias deliberately employs alot of Nameless Ghouls to be on stage with him so the performance can be a true live experience.

  4. I know it’s hard to believe I didn’t want to believe it , but it was pretty obvious almost as bad as paul stanley and kiss things are just off strumming patterns vocals just a bit too pristine and perfect … I hate that they are doing it …

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