Original Queensryche vocalist Geoff Tate was interviewed by TV War, quotes from the interview (as per appear below.

On ever working with his former bandmates again:

“Pfft. Why? [Laughs] [I have] no interest in that. No. Not at all. [I have] absolutely no reason to. I don’t need the money. That’d be the only reason to do it. Maybe if they paid me, like, 10 million dollars or something like that. [Laughs]”

He continued, “It was a good thing for a long time, and then it went really bad. And I just don’t want that kind of negativity in my life. My life is so good, and I have such great friends and family. I travel the world and sing songs for a living. I mean, it’s lovely. I have wonderful, positive people in my life, and to go back and be in that negative land again… aargh, I just couldn’t do it. It’s not worth it.”

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  1. Tate > Wilton/Jackson. There’s only 2 of them left in QR. I’ll take the guy who wrote the stuff, rather than an imitation singer doing BOTH vocals and drums.

    1. Sometimes giant douchebags can make good music. Life isn’t fair. Tate is an original, at least, and will always be the classic voice of those Queensryche songs, instead of sound-a-like.

  2. I know operation Mind Crime sold a gazillion copies , at a time when your recording contract and your art meant and was worth more than it is in todays music business , so if he was relatively smart with his money he should be set for the remainder of his life – in my opinion having a stress free life is absolutely more important to me than a stress filled working environment- there is zero reason if we take him at his word that he should go back to that situation I wouldn’t- (this is the only point I agree with Stanley and Simmons on) – the guy who is singing now does sound remarkably like Tate and is also a pretty great drummer , I have no issue with that , that is how Queensryche is able to continue – if your down to only 1 or 2 original members do you retire the band name and just have it be just another a new unknown band with a new name ??? no chance they can survive that in todays music business , so I dont think that works from a business point of view , these guys have bills to pay ,Queensryche is what they do for a living –

  3. I agree with Tate. As a fan of Queensryche, I have no interest of him rejoining the band. And I would bet the current members of Queensryche feel the same way….after all, why would they want to rejoin with an ex bandmate who punches them backstage and spits on them on stage???? Tate’s a dirtbag…..

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