Gene Simmons has apologized for saying that Prince’s death was “a choice” due to his alleged addiction to painkillers. In a note on Twitter, the outspoken KISS member wrote, “I just got such s–t from my family for my big mouth again. I apologize — I have a long history of getting very angry at what drugs do to the families/friends of the addicts. I get angry at drug users because of my experience being around them coming up in the rock scene.”

“Needless to say,” he continued, “I didn’t express myself properly here — I don’t shy away from controversy, and angry critics really don’t bother me at all. If I think I’m right, I’ll throw up a finger and dig my heels in and laugh. But this time, I was not. So, my apologies.”

Simmons then added a quick postscript in which he cast some blame on media outlets for “quote-mining things I’ve said in the past and applying it to new situations.” While he admitted this didn’t make his previous statements “any more tactful,” he closed with the warning, “Be wary of click bait. The uglier they can make it seem, the more views they will get.”

Simmons is apologizing for comments that he made in an interview with Newsweek.

His KISS bandmate, Paul Stanley, also criticized Simmons for his comments.

additional source: Rolling Stone

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  1. As a strong Prince fan and someone who feels disappointed by the premature loss of his talent, I was prepared to feel offended after reading the headline and before reading the quote. After reading what he actually said, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Gene’s attitude towards drug use has been clear and long-known. I remember reading something he said along similar lines in Hit Parader 30 years ago (give or take).

    Yeah, you should probably wait to hear the real story about the cause of Prince’s passing before commenting, but his comments aren’t that big a deal to me.

    I think it’s cool that Gene and Paul have probably had these types of disagreements (and probably worse) for years, but it’s never stopped them from continuing to be Kiss.

  2. The only thing that bugged me about what Gene said is that he compared Prince to Michael Jackson, and really, the two artists don’t have that much in common, except….race? That’s just ignorant, sorry Gene.

    1. The news media has made comparisons of Prince’s death to Michael Jackson’s. I can see where he made that connection. I don’t think it has anything to do with race.

    2. Oh come on Clown, the only reason Gene was comparing them is because they were the 2 biggest pop stars of the 80’s! And also because they both passed way before their time, both under similar circumstances. Gene is not a racist, enough of this race sh-t already!!

    3. Funny, MJ never produced his records, nor does he play an instrument onstage. So, Prince ‘having it all over’ MJ in the talent department doesn’t show much insight into anything, except for all that dumb stuff you just listed Doug R.

      The Clown

    4. I wish this site had an edit feature, but, on the other hand, it’s kind of cool that it doesn’t, you’re bound by whatever you type…lol…so, Doug R, none of what you listed has anything to do with talent, their artistry, not one thing. Gene referenced their talent…so, go back to my analysis: they are very different types of artists, and the comparison concerning talent really only has their race to support it: they’re both “black” artists…so, I stand by what I said.

    5. I never said Gene was racist, moreover, the purpose of what I said is precisely in line with your spirited exhortation, “enough of this race (nonsense) already.”
      Gene does sound almost like Archie Bunker though, sometimes, doesn’t he?

      The Clown.

    6. Clown, you may not have said Gene was a racist, but your comment implied it. MJ & Prince both had tons of talent, MJ more for his singing & dancing, and Prince for his producing & guitar playing. Both were great at what they did best, entertain! And once again, both MJ & Prince passed away under very similar circumstances. That’s where Gene’s comparison was coming from, so I stand by what I said as well!

    7. Doug, the comment itself, not Gene, you have to separate the two, you probably say stuff that doesn’t convey your true nature as well, right?

      Read what Gene actually said, you are adding stuff..

      The clown/

  3. I think Gene made a valid point. It just wasn’t politically correct. Like Eddie always says, can’t say anything anymore because we’re in this very PC world. I’m surprised he apologized.

    1. What valid point? All we know is the Prince had prescription drugs. The autopsy isn’t even done yet.

      This has nothing to do with being PC and everything to do with Gene Simmons giving opinions on things he isn’t involved in. Did he work with Prince? Prince’s bestie? No. No one knows yet.

      The larger issue is political correctness, it’s pain and pain management, and demonizing people who get into trouble with prescription meds, and the yes men and doctors that enable people of means to get whatever they want.

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