Former Pantera, and Down, bassist Rex Brown was a recent guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM, Trunk Nation. Brown discussed his forthcoming solo album, read highlights from interview below (as per

On how the solo project came to be:

“I went to [the] NAMM [convention in Anaheim, California] last year, and I have a really good friend, this songwriter, Lance Harvill ā€” a great songwriter and just killer guitar player. And we started putting together songs. And it’s just one of those things, I feel free again…And the material on this is as good as anything I’ve ever done.”

Discussing why he decided to record the record in Tennessee:

“Nashville has become this hotbed of super-cool people. You go to L.A. and you ask somebody to play on your record and they go, ‘How much?’ without playing a note. F–k you! Nashville, there’s just this community that welcomed me in. I lived at [producer] Caleb [Sherman]’s place; he’s got a huge spread.”

On whether Kill Devil Hill have any plans in the coming months:

“That’s something we’re gonna figure out here before the holidays. The options are open on that one. But I’ve got to do this [solo project] right now.”

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  • Frank T on

    I love Pantera. I wasn’t impressed with Kill Devil Hill. And I don’t think a Rex Brown solo album is going to set the music world on fire. I’ll keep listening to my Pantera albums.

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