Nate Peck, 2023 American Idol golden ticket recipient from Season 21, has officially joined Firehouse as the band’s new lead vocalist. He replaces late frontman CJ Snare, who died on April 5th at the age of 64 following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Peck performed an outstanding audition for American Idol judges Luke BryanKaty Perry and Lionel RichieRichie praised Nate‘s performance, saying: “That was brilliant… The best rock singer EVER that we’ve had. You’ve got it.” Perry looked to the sky and said: “Actually, he’s SO good!” High praises from all three judges got him unanimous consent to move onto the next level of the competition. Peck ultimately decided to leave the show to pursue his career in music his own way: playing live music in Nashville’s booming rock scene and guest singing with national artists like Jack Russell’s Great White.

Peck was first introduced to Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty by JJack Russell’s Great White‘s guitarist Robbie LochnerLeverty explained, “When I first heard Nate‘s vocal range, tone and control, I immediately knew that he’d be the perfect fit, filling in for CJ who was recovering from surgery. I advocated hard to get Nate out to play at New England Rockfest in October of 2023. He learned our songs very quickly and absolutely crushed it at the show. I then sent some video to CJ, and he agreed, saying, ‘THAT’S the guy’!”

CJ and Nate immediately became very good friends. According to Peck, “CJand I would talk regularly, a few times a week. He would give me vocal coaching, advice on touring and life in general. He was definitely a great mentor for me.”

Peck has been singing with Firehouse since October of 2023, wowing audiences around the country. “I am honored to be working with these guys and singing these great songs,” Nate said.

Firehouse reached stardom during the early ’90s with hits like Reach For The SkyDon’t Treat Me Bad and All She Wrote, as well as its signature power ballads I Live My Life For YouLove Of A Lifetime and When I Look Into Your Eyes.

FireHouse with Peck – All She Wrote – Live – Lava Cantina – The Colony TX April 4th, 2024:

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