stevenadler400 Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler was a guest on the March 2nd episode of Eddie Trunk Live and proudly proclaimed, “I have 423 days sober.”

Adler went on to say, “The whole reunion thing, I would love to do it just because there’s two decades of new fans who’ve never seen what the magic was. I would love to be able to show them, but you know, that’s Axl’s call.” When asked if he had Axl’s email address, Adler replied, “No, I don’t even have his phone number. I can’t text him. I just say prayers for him; I have no idea what he’s doing. I hope he’s well.”

The last time Adler spoke to Axl was “in Las Vegas in 2006… we drank a $3000 bottle of tequila, we hugged and we made our amends to each other. It was wonderful! I hadn’t seen him for 15 years before that so it was really nice just to be in the room with him. I just keep hearing that he has this thing with Slash. I hope not cause it’s too old already. Time goes on, we’re too old. We’ve got to move on. If he has resentments, I hope he doesn’t, that’s all. I love him and I love all those guys.”

Listen to the interview in its entirety below.

additional source: bravewords.com

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  • T on

    My dream triple bill concert would be as follows,

    Black Star Riders (opening act)
    All original G&R members performing “Appetite” in its entirety
    Original Van Halen (With Michael Anthony) performing only DLR era songs from the first 4 albums.
    That would make me happy.

    • Jason Falkinham on

      That would be tremendous…the later two being my two fav bands ever.

    • Harry Taint on

      Did you come up with that list before or after you finished your latest game of Dungeons and Dragons in your parent’s basement?

    • Doug on

      Always good to dream big dude! 🙂

  • Medved on

    1. I wish INTERVIEWERS would stop asking reunion questions.

    2. I wish INTERVIEWEES would stop answering reunion questions.

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      Ok Paul Stanley.

    • Nathan Denney on


  • Greg in H2Otown on

    I’m with ya T, one can dream. Unfortunately that’s about the only place you would see that lineup, in a dream.

    • T on

      I will ride my Unicorn to this show. 😉

  • MikeyMan on

    Enough already,
    Of course this washed up dude would want a reunion, he needs to get paid!
    Welcome to the Home Depot, where all our employees’ are allegedly drug tested.

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