According to blabbermouth.net, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer rejoined his bandmates on stage last night (February 10th) during the group’s residency in Las Vegas.

The drummer played drums with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford at the Park Theater in Vegas, which is where their residency shows are currently being held.

See fan-filmed video clips of last night’s concert, below.

Aerosmith’s drama has been unfolding over the past several months, when drummer Kramer tried to unsuccessfully sue his former bandmates for not allowing him to re-join the group.

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  • robert davenport on

    i’m glad he’s back with the band , I hope he’s happy , I know I wouldn’t be , i’d be having my lawyer draft an employee contract asap- my guess is he’s probably doing something like that , whatever the reason injury which is what I thought his issue was ? or age he’s close to 70 if not already there I did see a clip at the beginning of the vegas run where he seemed a little unrehearsed, something was off in his playing …., he seemed like he was still hitting hard and his tempo was solid , maybe the injury?? shortly after that his tech took over, to me how the band handled it was wrong in every way and if it happened to me.. unforgiveable- I think the video getting out of the guards turning joey away and the overwhelming fan support for him hopefully helped shame tyler & perry back into reality- if I were joey Kramer I would watch my back , they want a young guy behind the kit………

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