Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers KISS and Sixthman, creators of unforgettable festivals on sand and at sea for more than two decades, have unveiled the full lineups for the eagerly awaited KISS Kruise XI, sailing from Los Angeles, California to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico aboard Norwegian Jewel for two weeks of non-stop rock ‘n’ roll on the high seas set for October 24th-29th (Week 1) and October 29th-November 3rd (Week 2).

The Kiss Kruise XI marks the iconic adventure’s first ever sailing from Los Angeles and the final KISS on-board live performances of the legendary band’s one-of-a-kind five-decade career. While Week 2 sold out in record time earlier this year, Week 1 pre-sales will be available beginning June 16th with general on-sales following on June 17th exclusively

Both KISS Kruise XI adventures will feature very special live shows from KISS, including an unmasked pool deck performance for all members of the Kiss Navy and a masked electric show inside Norwegian Jewel’s intimate Stardust Theater. What’s more, each week will boast a completely unique line-up of hard rock heroes and heavy metal icons, with Week 1 including performances by Dokken (featuring a reunion with guitarist George Lynch),WarrantL.A. GunsBruce Kulick, All Hands on Deck Super Jam featuring Lita Ford & Friends, George Lynch And The Electric FreedomHeart By HeartThe Big Deal and Baron Week 2 will see KISS joined by Black Label SocietyBuckcherryBruce Kulick, All Hands on Deck Super Jam Feat. Sebastian Bach & Friends, StryperVixenPlushThe Wild Things and Micky James.

All KISS Kruisers will receive signature engraved commemorative gifts and take part in two on-board activities with KISS as well as two on-board activities with each individual member of the band. As if all that weren’t enough, the KISS Kruise XI will include the Kiss Expo (showcasing rare memorabilia), autograph sessions with the supporting artists, theme night costume parties, and much more. Guests who book on both Week 1 and Week 2 sailings will receive an exclusive laminate, a poster signed by KISS, happy hour and group photos with KISS, and an exclusive KISS Kruise XI two-timer t-shirt.

Norwegian Jewel will provide everything needed to make this year’s KISS Kruise XI the best cruise vacation ever, with bars at (almost) every corner, delicious dining options, the Pool Deck (with multiple hot tubs), the Jewel Club Casino, Mandara Spa, Body Waves Fitness Center, Sports Court, the Thermal Suite, and more. The KISS Kruise XI will also feature high adventure shore excursions in Cabo San Lucas (October 26th and 31st) and Ensenada, Mexico (October 28th and November 2nd). Please note: Shore excursions will not be available until 3-5 weeks prior to sailing. Kruisers will be able to book an excursion upon receipt of their official booking number.

Kiss Kruise XI

Week 1: October 24th-29th/ Week 2: October 29th-November 3rd

Sailing From Los Angeles, California to Cabo San Lucas & Ensenada, Mexico aboard the Norwegian Jewel

Week 1 lineup:

Dokken/ George Lynch
L.A. Guns
Bruce Kulick
All Hands on Deck Super Jam featuring Lita Ford & Friends
George Lynch & The Electric Freedom
Heart By Heart
The Big Deal

Week 2 Lineup:

Black Label Society
Bruce Kulick
All Hands on Deck Super Jam featuring Sebastian Bach & Friends
The Wild Things
Micky James

This past February, KISS announced that KISS Kruise XI would be their “last performance onboard.”

As has been the case on all the previous cruises, fans will get to see KISS‘s unmasked acoustic and electric shows and engage in activities with the bandmembers.

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    1. Similar things have happened throughout this tour. Just more indisputable video evidence of Paul Stanley lip syncing.
      -After KISS played on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in September 2018, Stanley was asked by Rolling Stone if that was actually a live performance or if he and his bandmates tracked it earlier. “What you tend to do is record it live and that way you know that everything is as it should be,” he responded. “It’s not like going into the studio or anything like that. It’s…with all its imperfections, it’s live.”-
      What in the crap kind of bullshit answer is that???? All I can do is scratch my balls and laugh.

    2. About 5 years ago, Gene $immon$ rightfully criticized those bands that used backing tracks when performing live….and now his own band does it! What a disgrace this once great band, to me, has become…

  1. Serves them right .. Shameful idiots – how can any band with any integrity want to associate with this nonsense in any way …it’s beyond me , unless lipsyncing is on the way to being fully embraced by …everyone , if so then Simmons is really right- rock music for all intents and purposes will be dead , and kiss will have helped nail the coffin shut ~

    1. I retired from going to concerts. My last show was Black Label Society last November. I’m 100% sure Zakk and the entire band were playing and singing live the entire show. What a way to end the concert chapter of my life. Besides cost, hassle, crowds, drunks, parking and numerous other reasons including simply not excited to go to concerts any longer, one of the big reasons is not knowing if half the concerts I would go to in the future would feature bands truly singing and playing live. Personally, it should be considered fraud if there is no disclosure when purchasing your tickets stating that some or all parts of the show may not be truly live. The disclosure should also be printed on the physical ticket itself and on the receipt. If bands like Kiss would man up and be honest with the fans who made them ridiculously rich and famous, then I could respect them. Thankfully I got to see Kiss many times from the Crazy Nights tour through the farewell tour. And as much as I regret still giving Gene and Paul another single penny from my bank account, I did order the newly released Off The Soundboard Live From Donington only because it was the original band and it was just two months after I saw them in Pittsburgh for two nights. I’ve never been able to track down a good bootleg of either Pittsburgh show so this was the next best thing. And listening to it gave me chills. I miss THAT band. The show sounds great and is much better than the slow and plodding millennium concert. I have gas and need to leave the room now. Good day.

    2. Great post, RPS. I’m almost there with you re: concert attendance. Personally, I’m bothered by vocal necessitated lower tunings, stale setlists, escalating ticket prices, the reservation of the best seats for packages, lack of enthusiasm by the performers, etc….I’m glad I saw my favorite bands back in the day when things were simpler and musicians were rock stars. My top three concerts….#1- my first KI$$ concert; #2-Ozzy with Randy Rhoads; #3- Steeler with Yngwie Malmsteen.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I really don’t find that footage compelling, nor convincing enough. If it was super obvious, I would post it.


  2. Dana,
    I should have posted more along the lines of… this is the latest and most recent video, just one of many examples catching kiss lip syncing , where there is alot of smoke your gonna eventually find the fire –

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