Dirty Honey, one of rock’s hottest breaking bands, will help kick off the 2022 National Hockey League (NHL) Winter Classic on New Years Day as part of TNT’s event coverage. Filmed on one of Minnesota’s iconic frozen lakes and directed by Turner Sports’ Tyler Lassiter and Craig Murray, the band – Marc LaBelle/vocals, John Notto/guitar, Justin Smolian/bass, and Corey Coverstone/drums – will wrap up the Pre-Game coverage with their interpretation of hometown hero and rock icon Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy
“I found out about Dirty Honey through former NHL player Scottie Upshall and have been a fan of the band ever since,” said Lassiter. “I had read that Marc LaBelle was a big hockey guy, and as soon as we landed the NHL deal on TNT earlier this year, my first thought was that we would do something with these guys at some point. When we came up with this concept, all the stars seemed to align. We needed a band who could faithfully pull off a legit Prince cover as well as one passionate enough to agree to shoot on a frozen lake in northern Minnesota in mid-December. The boys crushed it.”
Dirty Honey’s Let’s Go Crazy full-length version was recorded in Los Angeles at NRG Studios and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge, and will be available on all DSPs (Dirt Records) to coincide with the Pre-Game festivities this Saturday, January 1st.
The NHL Winter Classic will match up two of the best teams in the Western Conference when the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues face off at Minneapolis’ outdoor Target Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins. The NHL Pre-Game begins at 6PM ET/5PM CT/3PM PT. 

Following Dirty Honey’s NHL Winter Classic debut, the band will hit the road on January 18th for the Young Guns tour, a 31-city, co-headline North American trek with Mammoth WVH, more info can be found here.

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  1. Awesome! Looking SO forward to this game! The Wild and the Blues are kicking ass right now, should be a great game. Love the NWC, my 2 faves (so far) are the first one in 2008, and 2018 from Citi Field – the Spaceman Ace Frehley kicked it off with “New York Groove,” and the Rangers beat the Sabres in overtime 3-2! I’m sure Dirty Honey will do a great rendition of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” but I would also love to see them perform “Rolling 7s!” Love that song!

  2. Definitely a straight up old school rock band. Les Pauls, Marshalls, solid hooks. The singers voice reminds me of someone, but not sure who. It’s rare these days, but every once in a while a band like this comes along and reminds you that it’s still ok to rock (without detuned guitars and cookie monster vocals).

  3. Well, St. Louis gave Minnesota the Blues! 😉 6-4. Never been a fan of covers (in most cases) and I’m not just saying this because I like Dirty Honey, but in my opinion they did a GREAT version of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy!” Would’ve like to see them perform live, but at -8°, can’t blame em!

    1. Sorry. I can’t agree, I don’t like this cover, at all.

      While I give the band credit for trying to make it their own, I think it failed. They should have kept it upbeat, as it is meant to be played, instead of trying to slown it down and make it bluesy.

      In my humble opinion, the BEST cover I have ever seen of this song, was Bruno Mars at the Grammy’s, now that was something. He’s amazingly talented, and I was blown away by his guitar playing prowess. If anyone is interested, you can see his version of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy, click here. While I know this considered more of a tribute, I still consider it a cover, and again, the best one I have ever seen.

    2. Bruno Mars? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them, they must be a new band, and I don’t watch the Grammys. I like the fact that Dirty Honey slowed it down and put their own spin on it, if they had played it exactly the same way as Prince, well, there’s only 1 Prince! Although they nailed the guitar solo, that was spot on and in my opinion it was perfect!

    3. – and speaking of covers, I’m glad I heard “Rolling 7s” first before Dirty Honey’s cover of “Last Child,” otherwise I might not have ever listened to it and missed out on (in my opinion) the greatest cover of all time! Aerosmith loved it as well, especially Tom Hamilton! DH were feeling it, they weren’t looking for a “hit” or “recognition,” they felt it, and they nailed it! That’s the way a cover should be done.

  4. Even though they are reaching for timeless rock , they are not quite there yet , but they will get there , much better band than Greta van zepplin – but not at rival sons level either
    They are a really good band and I’ll be listening to them regularly ~

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