defleppardgroupblue400 Def Leppard will appear in a documentary series following their recent Las Vegas residency.

Joe Elliott and co are the subjects of Living With Def Leppard, which was shot while they performed their Viva Hysteria concerts at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in March and April.

Producers Bunim-Murray and AEG Network Live say: “The series follows the band – which has been together since 1977 and continues to perform to fans in sold-out arenas and stadiums worldwide – both on and off the stage throughout their stay in Las Vegas.

Viewers will witness the band’s camaraderie and spirit, which have kept them together for 35 years despite many challenges and temptations.”

The series will include performance footage along with scenes which will show a side of the band fans have never seen before.

It’s set to be the first in a series of similar shows. AEG president John Meglan says: “This is sure to set a precedent for a new genre of TV custom-made for the ultimate rock fans.”


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  1. Weak story, what channel & when will this air?
    BTW, only 60% of the band have been together for 35 years.

    Where is the live Blu-Ray concert from Vegas that was promised?
    Maybe this “series” is just a commercial leading to a concert release.

    I’m a HUGE Def Leppard fan since Rock Brigade first played on US radio.
    C’mon, C’mon Leps, Give us some new music!

    1. Loved that first record. Can’t believe it doesn’t get more love. The first 3 LP’s these guys did were absolute killer – just raw rock ‘n’ roll. I left after Hysteria came out.

    2. Hey Mikey,

      I got that story from Classic Rock magazine, and obviously, there wasn’t any mention of what channel would be airing the documentary. I also searched various other sources to see if that information was reported elsewhere, and it was not.

      Maybe they are currently in negotiations with a broadcasting company or pitching the idea to several networks? One of the producers, Bunim-Murray, have produced many “reality” shows for MTV, such as “The Real World” and “Road Rules.” So, on that information alone, my best educated guess would be that this series will most likely air on a Viacom owned station such as VH1, MTV or VH1 Classic. Of course, as soon as it is announced, I will update the story.

      Dana 🙂

  2. I’m not sure about them always selling out arenas anymore. Last time they came to NJ they were doing a double bill with Journey at the Lakewood Blueclaws minor league baseball stadium. Very small venue.
    I wish them the best though. I always thought “High and Dry” was mixed terribly.

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