deeppurple2011 Deep Purple premiered the music video for Vincent Price, a song off their new album, Now What?!, which was released April 30th in North America via Ear Music. Watch it below.

The song will be released on June 7th as a download, CD single and 7-inch transparent vinyl. The configurations are as follows:

7-inch single: Vincent Price / First Sign Of Madness (2013 non-album track)

CD single/digital download: Vincent Price / First Sign Of Madness (2013 non-album track) / The Well Dressed Guitar (from Rapture Of The Deep limited-edition CD) / Wrong Man (Live) (from Rapture Of The Deep limited-edition CD) / The Vincent Price video.

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  1. Iv’e never been a big Deep Purple fan but what a great song and video!. black sabbath… why can’t you meet this level of quality and originality?

    1. I agree Frank. I liked Deep Purple in the ’70s but kind of stopped after that. Excellent solo there and the video is cool. And who is that chick? OUCH!

  2. I didn’t expect anything other than how good this song is. Deep Purple has been silently releasing some of the best music they have ever produced over the last few albums (Bananas: The best album you’ve never heard). My only criticism of this video is the curious way in which they filmed Ian. He comes off as…really old. Almost like his mobility has been impaired by a stroke. I was begging for him to get up and strut around.

    1. Wow, you have got to be kidding with that “best albums they have ever produced” jazz.

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