gwar400 New York Post‘s Page Six reports:

The father of Dave Brockie, the frontman for the heavy metal band Gwar, who died last year of heroin overdose, says in a lawsuit that the band stole his ashes and many of his possessions. William Brockie filed the lawsuit Thursday against businesses operated by the thrash metal band GWAR in Richmond, Virginia.

GWAR founder and frontman Dave Brockie died without leaving a will, and his father was named administrator of his estate.

According to the lawsuit, the band had its leader cremated and gave his father only a fraction of his ashes “in a used plastic bag with a Discover credit card logo on it.”

William Brockie also says the band has locked up items belonging to the estate, including his son’s guitars, artwork and a gold record.

The band issued a statement Tuesday denying the allegations.


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    1. Keith Richards never did that. It was a made up rumor that he ran with but later admitted it was false.

  1. I thought they burned most of his possessions or at least all his stage gear at the GWAR-B-Q? And I didn’t know GWAR had a gold album. I only owned three GWAR albums: SCUMDOGS OF THE UNIVERSE, AMERICA MUST BE DESTROYED and THIS TOILET EARTH and the home video PHALLUS IN WONDERLAND. That was back when they were getting name checked on BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD and going on TV talk shows and getting nominated for a Grammy for the home video, so it must be one of those albums that went gold. I’m curious now, and also bored, so I’m gonna Google it and find out what album of theirs went gold.

  2. The band all lived together? Dam tough economy for rock stars, One could earn a better living as a plumber! Put down that 6 string and pick up that pipe wrench if you don’t want to o’d on heroin and get stuffed into a Discover Bag kids!

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