Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has said that Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler’s time with Megadeth is over.

Adler acted as a session musician for 15th album Dystopia, and played a number of shows with the thrash icons over the past six months.

Although he was invited to join full-time, he insisted he’d remain with Lamb Of God, while trying to make as many appearances with Megadeth as possible.

Last month Dirk Verbeuren took over as he returned to duties with his own band, but it had been suggested that he’d return for further shows in July.

Speaking at a press conference in Israel, as reported by Machine Music, Mustaine said, “Chris Adler is not with Megadeth – he’s in Lamb Of God. He was a session guy. It was what you could call work for hire. He has nothing to do with us any more. I’m grateful for his contributions. I’m grateful for him introducing us to Dirk.”

Mustaine – who’d recently reported that he’d reveal a full-time drummer “real soon,” added, “We still haven’t announced who our new drummer is going to be. It won’t be Chris Adler, because he’s in Lamb Of God.”

Following up on Twitter, he wrote, “Every interview said he was a session drummer and that he was in LOG.” Replying to a fan’s comment that many had secretly hoped Adler would join full-time, he said, “I know. But as you say, I made it clear that he was not in Megadeth.” Later he emphasized, “We have not announced who the new drummer will be yet.”

Megadeth’s Dystopia tour continues.

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  1. I do recall reading that Chris would fill in the remainder when he could. Hope they were cordial to one another. By the by, Dave seems to be suffering from the same gigantic head syndrome that Robert Plant has succumb. No? How many members has Megadeth had since it’s inception? I think I’ve counted about 14 who have done both studio & live work with him. He’s a regular Chick Corea

  2. Megadeth is Dave. Dave is Megadeth. Everyone else seems to be placeholders. I suppose it’s worked this long for him, but like most folks, the Rust in Peace lineup was the best, in my opinion. I bought the new CD and made it through about 3-4 listens and put it away. Same deal, same songs, same sounds, different day.

  3. Mustaine always said that Adler was filling in when he was available from LOG. I think it was inevitable that Megadeth was going to find a permanent drummer to join the band on a full time basis. I think Megadeth is the most technical of all the thrash bands and Rust in Piece is one my favorite albums. While i don’t like the revolving door of Megadeth band members, I can accept this news about Adler since he was a session player for Megadeth and not a Megadeth band member.

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