Greg Prato of Songfacts spoke with Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, highlights from the interview appear below.

Songfacts: Megadeth recently received their 13th Grammy nomination, in the Best Metal Performance category for the song We’ll Be Back.

Dave Mustaine: First off, that pesky little number has been haunting me for a long time. I started playing guitar at 13, I was born on the 13th, there are 13 steps on the front of my property, our address added up to 13. This being the 13th nomination, I’m hoping we continue our good run.

The last time we got nominated we won. It was a long time coming. I have to tell you, I felt like it wasn’t going to happen for us. For some reason, I listened to my management and was told, “You probably should go this year.” It was when Dystopia came out, and it won for Best Metal Performance [at the 2017 ceremony]. It was great to do that.

Songfacts: What’s the hidden gem in the Megadeth catalog?

Dave Mustaine: I think one of the best songs I’ve ever written – as far as drama is concerned, like a picture within a song – is Wanderlust. I always thought Wanderlust was one of the best songs that we had recorded, with the lyrics, the singing, the climax to the song. It just came out at a time when the music populous were liking a different kind of music…

Songfacts: What song by another artist had the biggest impact on you as a songwriter?

Dave Mustaine: I don’t know that there’s any one song that had the biggest impact as far as a songwriter is concerned. I did learn the majority of my guitar playing from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and I learned the majority of my songwriting from the British Invasion. So a lot of it was music from the UK, which copied American rock and roll from Robert Johnson, and it all goes back to Satan. [Laughs]

Songfacts: Who are some guitarists you admire?

Dave Mustaine: Eric Johnson is one. I just think he’s magic on the guitar. And I was really surprised by Dweezil Zappa. I think a lot of the household names in metal can go without saying: Michael [Amott] from Arch Enemy, and some of the guys like Jeff Loomis. And the guys from Lamb of God and the guys from Trivium. They’re all really good guitar players in their right.

And I really think it’s time for the guys in Metallica to step up, and us do one last round, see if we can get Slayer to come out of retirement and do a “Big 4 passing of the torch” to the new Big 4. It would remain to be seen who they are, but I have a feeling it would include some of the players we already mentioned.

I think it would be really cool symbolically if we did something at like, the LA Coliseum, even if it’s one show and that’s it. Slayer is from Los Angeles, so it would probably make it more convenient for them to go home at night. I personally have been hoping for this for a while, and I keep asking and asking and asking. They’re just not into it. But that’s up to them.

Songfacts: Recently, there was talk that you’d like to collaborate again with James Hetfield. Have you actually discussed that with him?

Dave Mustaine: The last time we talked it didn’t end very well because we have some memory of a couple of things that took place when I was in the band. I remember it one way and he is saying that it happened another. But it’s about somebody else – it’s not even him. He’s talking to me on behalf of “you know who” [Lars Ulrich].

They wanted to release No Life ‘Til Leather [the early Metallica demo Mustaine was on] – 27 songs, posters, flyers, pictures, everything. I said I would love to do this thing, and James said, “Look, we f–ked up. The last three things we’ve done failed abysmally.”

He said it was Lulu [Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed, released in 2011], something called Orion [a festival called Orion Music + More that took place in 2012 and 2013], and there was one other thing… I think it was a film about a fan or something [the 2013 film Metallica: Through the Never]. I don’t know. I don’t see them as a failure.

But, I had said, “Yeah, I’d be interested.” And he said, “We’d like to get everything right with all the history, the publishing and stuff.” And I said, “Good.” Because part of the reason why we haven’t been able to really reconcile is because I had songs that when I left I didn’t want them to record, and they went ahead and recorded them but they didn’t pay me what my share of the songs were.

James and I wrote Metal Militia and Phantom Lord – every note. And somehow, on the record [Kill ‘Em All] it says Lars gets 10%. And on Metal Militia that Kirk gets some of it, and he wasn’t even in the band!

So I’ve come to terms with it, and when he said, “We’d like to get this right,” I said, “Great, let’s do it. I have no problem.” And when I said, “This is what it is,” he said, “No. It’s kind of what it was, and that’s how it is.”

And I thought to myself, you know what? When you guys did that to me before, it was not cool. I said, “Don’t use my stuff” and you did it, and then didn’t give me my fair share. So why would I want to willingly enter into something like that? I wouldn’t. So that’s where we stand right now.

I would love to work with James. I’d like to work with Lars again, too, but I think the real talent in Metallica has always been around the guitar – everybody makes fun of the drums.

Lars is a really great song arranger. And believe it or not, I watched him on a piece-of-s–t acoustic guitar write the opening riff to Ride The Lightning. [Sings riff, which turns out to be Master of Puppets]

You know what that was? It was a guy with a guitar that doesn’t know how to play, and he’s going [mimics playing a chromatic run] on the neck. It wasn’t anything really mind-blowing by any means. The way James played it made it mind-blowing.

Songfacts: The melody of the riff you just hummed, it sounded more like the song Master Of Puppets. Was that the song you meant?

Dave Mustaine: Yeah, whatever that is. I don’t f–kin’ know their song names. I don’t listen to them. I totally respect them, I just don’t listen to them. It’s not out of me not liking them. When they come on the radio in my car, a long time ago I would change the channel, but I don’t anymore. It’s just music, and I’ve been able to put all that stuff behind…

Songfacts: What’s an example of a song that means something different to you now from when you first wrote it?

Dave Mustaine: Well, I’d have to say the song that has been the most misunderstood is The Conjuring. “Mary Jane is way more dark than The Conjuring is. Mary Jane was off the So Far, So Good… So What! record, and The Conjuring was on Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

One is about black magic and conjuring a spirit [The Conjuring], and the other is about a witch who gets buried alive by her dad [Mary Jane] – this is supposedly true, because the gravestone is at a place we went and visited. It’s not in the place that I was told it was – it’s in Iowa. I heard it was in Minnesota, but it’s in Iowa. I think it’s right on the border. But we drove up there and someone said, “You’ve crossed into Iowa.”

Mary Jane Terwillegar is the name of the witch, so that’s why I called it Mary Jane. It wasn’t about pot. I wasn’t writing about drugs back then. I don’t think I’ve ever written a song like that…

Read more at Songfacts.

Megadeth’s latest album, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!, was released on September 2nd through through UMe.

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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the self-titled debut from an incredible new trio, Heroes And Monsters.

Formed by three rock n’ roll lifers and friends, bassist/vocalist Todd Kerns, guitarist Stef Burns, and drummer Will Hunt, Heroes And Monsters, self-titled debut, will be released on January 20th.

Today (November 21st), a new single and music video, Raw Power has been released, watch it below.

Todd Kerns is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is most noted for being the bass player and backup singer in Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and for being the frontman of gold-record-selling Canadian band The Age Of Electric. In more recent years, he has been making his mark as a singer-songwriter with sold out solo performances as well as fronting former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick’s band and his own Canadian supergroup, Toque.

Guitarist Stef Burns has a fantastic and varied history in rock music. He has spent time playing with pop acts like Sheila E., Berlin, and Huey Lewis & The News as well as rock acts like Y&T, whom he recorded four albums with, and Alice Cooper, playing on the albums Hey Stoopid and The Last Temptation. Stef currently plays with Italian rock superstar Vasco Rossi and also has his own band, The Stef Burns League.

Drummer Will Hunt currently resides in the drum throne for Evanescence, whom he first started playing with in 2007, and has performed and written on their last three studio albums, including their most recent release, The Bitter Truth, which debuted at #1 on 27 different countries’ album charts. Over the years, the in-demand skinsman has performed with Dark New Day, Skrape, Staind, Vasco Rossi, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Slaughter, and more. He has also appeared on albums by Black Label Society, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Crossfade, Dirty Shirley (George Lynch), Device (David Draiman of Disturbed), and more.

Heroes And Monsters’ Track List:

1. Locked And Loaded

2. Raw Raw Power

3. Let’s Ride It

4. Angels Never Sleep

5. I Knew You Were The Devil

6. Break Me (I’m Yours)

7. Blame

8. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong

9. Set Me Free

10. And You’ll Remain

Watch the lyric video for previously released single, Locked And Loaded, below.

Heroes And Monsters Line-up:

Todd Kerns – Lead Vocals, Bass

Stef Burns – Guitar

Will Hunt – Drums

Follow Heroes and Monsters on Instagram and facebook.
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 The Dogs are finally back in town. The Winery Dogs, that is.

It’s been, well, a literal dog’s age since the vibrant powerhouse trio known as The Winery Dogs–Richie Kotzen, Mike Portnoy, and BIily Sheehan–marked their recording territory with new music. But now, following a seven-year break from the studio, the band are back in full force with their aptly named third album III, which is set for release on February 3rd on the band’s Three Dog Music label (via Burnside Distribution/The Orchard). Following in the footsteps of their first two albums, III was once again self-produced by The Winery Dogs and mixed by longtime band associate Jay Ruston

Pre-orders will be available starting December 9th on CD and all digital formats, which include an instant download of the album’s first song to be released, Xanadu. A vinyl edition of III will also be forthcoming in just a few months.

While the all-out smokin’ opening track and lead single Xanadu, title might evoke different imagery in more progressive-leaning listening circles, Kotzen’s zen-seeking, hard-rocking ruminations on Xanadu once again shine a light on the eternal power of good collaboration. “Coming out of the gates, that’s a barnburner,” acknowledges Portnoy. “It’s one of the fiercest tracks on the album.” Incidentally, eagle ears will also delight in picking up on how definitively Portnoy drops his drumsticks right as the song concludes. “At the end there, you’re hearing me toss my sticks — not in frustration, but very much in satisfaction of what we had just done,” he clarifies with a laugh.

In addition to the new music, fans will also be excited to hear that the trio is hitting the worldwide concert trail starting February 15th in Greensburg, PA at the Palace Theatre for their 202III World Tour. Ticket and VIP package info can be found on the band’s official website.

From the clarion call for connection and societal understanding in Mad World to the door-opening personal realizations of Breakthrough to the undeniable muscle-flexing reign of the white-hot Pharaoh and the album-closing energy spillage of The Red Wine, all 50-plus minutes of III prove The Winery Dogs haven’t lost a step when it comes to conjuring fresh hooks, gutbucket grooves, and bold harmonies.

That said, it’s been a long road back to the collective compound for guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen, bassist/vocalist Billy Sheehan, and drummer/vocalist Mike Portnoy. Back in 2015-16, they hit the road hard together to showcase their mettle as hardcore (you guessed it) road dogs in order to build upon the success of their well-received 2015 sophomore studio effort, Hot Streak, by touring all across the globe. Eventually, the seasoned trio returned to their respective corners to focus on various other projects for the ensuing next few years. But when that live itch needed another scratching, these three working musicians knew just what they had to do.

“We wanted to tour,” Kotzen confirms succinctly of The Winery Dogs’ 22-date run in early 2019 that was appropriately dubbed “Who Let The Dogs Out,” before adding, “We had to get those cylinders firing together once again.” Concurs Portnoy, “That was a fun little tour that reignited our enthusiasm — and that’s also when we knew a third album was definitely in the cards.” Adds Sheehan, “Getting back together like that was really refreshing. We could relax a bit and enjoy being together onstage, playing without any pressure. It was a beautiful thing.”

Duly reinvigorated, The Winery Dogs were finally aligned to record again by initially ensconcing themselves together in Kotzen’s intimate, cozy home studio in Southern California to jam on new material that was mainly created in the moment during many hours of face-to-face musical interaction. Always the driven and intuitive songwriter, Kotzen displays a definitive M.O. whenever he’s working out new songs in the studio by scatting melodies and putting forth short bursts of semi-improvised lines and phrases that will soon enough transform into sharply honed subject matter. “My attitude is this:  when I’m in the studio creating new music, the last thing on my mind is, ‘How am I gonna do it live?’” Kotzen admits. “The reality is, I may never get to where I’ll do it live. What’s relevant is getting the vision that’s in my head, in my heart, and in my soul to come out of the speakers. If it gets to the point where the tour is booked, the dates are confirmed, and we all get back in the rehearsal room together, that’s when you figure out, ‘OK, how do I interpret this in a way it can be delivered live, and still be the same song?’”

III is the follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed and Billboard-charting album, Hot Streak, which was released October 2nd, 2015 on Loud & Proud Records via RED (a division of Sony Music Entertainment). After landing in the Top Five on many of Amazon’s pre-order charts, including #1 on the Amazon BestSellers/Hard Rock chart and #1 on the Amazon Pre-Orders/Hard Rock Albums charts, it sold 30% more than their 2013 self-titled debut, landing them on various Billboard album charts including #2 on “Top Current Alternative Albums,” #5 on “Top Current Hard Music” and “Top Hard Music Albums,” #6 on “Top Current Rock Albums” and “Album Core / Genre Rock,” #15 “Top Current Physical Albums,” #16 “Top Current Albums,” and  #30 on the “Top 200 Albums” chart. 

Here’s the complete track listing for III:

1. Xanadu

2. Mad World

3. Breakthrough

4. Rise

5. Stars

6. The Vengeance

7. Pharaoh

8. Gaslight

9. Lorelei

10. The Red Wine

Check out The Winery Dogs at any of the following tour stops, with more to be announced in the coming weeks and posted on the band’s website and social media pages:


15 Greensburg, PA Palace Theatre

16 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn’s Peak

17 Glenside, PA The Keswick Theatre

18 Patchogue, NY Patchogue Theatre

21 New York, NY Sony Hall

22 Annapolis, MD Rams Head Live!

23 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom

25 Ridgefield, CT The Ridgefield Playhouse

26 Derry, NH Tupelo Music Hall


1 Columbus, OH King of Clubs

2 Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre

5 Green Bay, WI Epic Event Center

6 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Café

9 Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater

10 St. Charles, IL The Arcada Theatre

11 Westland, MI The Token Lounge

13 Grand Rapids, MI DeVos Hall

14 Harrison, OH Blue Note

17 Dallas, TX Amplified Live

18 Cedar Park, TX The Haute Spot

19 Houston, TX Warehouse Live Ballroom

21 New Orleans, LA House of Blues

22 Birmingham, AL Iron City

24 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Live

25 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room

26 Orlando, FL The Plaza Live

30 Virginia Beach, VA Elevation 27

31 Hopewell, VA Hopewell Theatre


1 Leesburg, VA Tally Ho Theatre

2 Charlotte, NC The Underground

4 Ashville, NC  Orange Peel

5 Knoxville, TN The Mill & Mine

6 Nashville, TN Brooklyn Bowl



3 São Paulo, Brazil           Summer Breeze Festival 

27 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Vivo Rio (with Stone Temple Pilots)

28 Curitiba, Brazil Tork n Roll (with Skid Row)

Follow the Dogs online at: TheWineryDogs.com, facebook.com/TheWineryDogs, twitter.com/TheWineryDogs, instagram.com/thewinerydogs and youtube.com/user/thewinerydogs.

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Disclaimer: The following represents my personal views and opinions, and does not express those of Eddie Trunk nor EddieTrunk.com.

Hello to everyone in my Eddie Trunk family,

I never usually post editorials, nor opinion pieces, however tonight, I am making an exception.

As many of you may know, Judas Priest is my all time favorite band. Additionally, I have made no secret about my disdain for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, and their seemingly, never ending bias and elitist attitudes, towards the hard rock and heavy metal community.

It was bad enough that Judas Priest had been overlooked for induction, for an implausible amount of time, but to add insult to heavy metal injury, they awarded the group the Musical Excellence Award. That “honor” came across like a consolation prize, to both the musicians, and their fans.

However as a diehard, despite my trepidations and slighted feelings, of course I watched, to support them. Additionally, even though some of the band members also felt justifiably rebuffed, I know they were excited, to finally be recognized.

So, I sat with baited breath, anxiously awaiting to hear a medley of some of my favorite songs, and all that we, the fans, got were TWO tunes…TWO, and both from British Steel: Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight. I knew, there was no way, in rock n’ roll hell (yes, that is a nod to previous inductees, KISS), that they did not perform You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. Not only is that their most recognizable song, but it is probably their biggest hit, and the closer of most, if not all, of their live shows, since 1982.

So I did an online search, to see what their complete setlist was, and indeed, they cut, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, from the broadcast.

I sat through the previous musical inductees performances, namely Duran Duran (whom I also really like) and Pat Bentar, and each had three songs that aired for telecast. Yet, a band with 50 years in the industry, gets two songs?? Let alone, cutting out the one that is most recognizable?? To say that I am disgusted, and dejected, would be understatement.

I am sure the Rock Hall will make some kind of lame excuse, that the it was omitted “for time,” but I am fairly certain (although I don’t know because I stopped watching after Priest), that no one else had a song edited out of the show.

As we all know, there are things in life that are absolutes: death, taxes and the continual disrespect, of hard rock and heavy metal, by the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. But don’t worry, we can always rely on the institution to induct the likes of Justin Bieber or Snoop Dogg.

Finally, since the Rock Hall did not have the respect to air the song, I will.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great respect, and honor to present to you, the incomparable Judas Priest, performing, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin‘ (along with with Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight).

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Japanese metal band Loundness have released the official music video for the song Tengoku No Tobira (Heaven’s Door). It is taken from the band’s latest studio album, Sunburst, which was released in July outside Japan via earMUSIC. The effort was originally made available in Japan last December. Watch it below.

During a career spanning over 40 years, Loundness built a rich musical foundation with many studio albums, EPs and live albums. With Sunburst, they’ve added another milestone to the great catalogue, their 29th studio album, to be precise.

Sunburst is the first official double studio album in Loundness’ impressive career, making it particularly special as it can be considered a celebration of the band’s rich musical history. The 16 songs represent the classic band sound and style, highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Written mostly by original member and guitar wizard Akira Takasaki, the majority of songs are sung in Japanese, representing their appreciation of their origin and roots.

Sunburst was released as a digital album as well as a 2CD digipak edition with an extensive booklet that includes the English translation of all lyrics.

Disc 1:

1. Rising Sun
3. Yamato Damashii
4. Kaso Genjitsu (Virtual Reality)
5. Crazy World
6. Stand Or Fall
7. The Sanzu River
8. Nihon No Kokoro (The Heart Of Japan)

Disc 2:

1. Kagayakeru 80’s (Shining 80’s)
2. Emerald No Umi (Emerald Ocean)
3. Tengoku No Tobira (Heaven’s Door)
4. All Will Be Fine With You
5. Fire In The Sky
6. Hunger For More
7. The Nakigara
8. Wonderland

Loundness has dominated the Japanese heavy metal scene ever since its birth in 1981 with classic albums like Thunder In The East (1985) and Lightning Strikes (1986). Their last studio album, 2018’s Rise To Glory, was highly acclaimed both by the heavy metal maniacs and the critics.

Loudness’ lineup has changed multiple times since 1981, with the current incarnation consisting of three original members — lead singer Minoru Niihara, guitarist Akira Takasaki and bassist Masayoshi Yamashita — along with drummer Masayuki Suzuki, who joined the group in 2009.

Original drummer Munetaka Higuchi died in 2008 after a year-long battle with liver cancer.

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Dio: Dreamers Never Die, the first-ever career-spanning documentary on the life and times of legendary metal icon Ronnie James Dio, will have its television premiere on Showtime on December 1st. It will also be available to stream via the Showtime app.

Executive-produced by Dio’s widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio and fully authorized by the artist’s estate, Dio: Dreamers Never Die delves deep into the singer’s incredible rise from a ’50s doo-wop crooner to his early rock days in ELF and Ritchie Blackmore‘s Rainbow, to replacing Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, and finally cementing his rock star status with his own band, Dio. The film incorporates never-before-seen footage and personal photos, as well as offering intimate scenes with his closest peers, family, and friends, among them WendyTony IommiGeezer ButlerGlenn HughesVinny AppiceLita FordRob HalfordSebastian BachEddie Trunk and Jack Black, as they bring viewers inside the life of one of rock and roll’s true heroes and one of the most beloved figures in rock.

In other Dio news, Bowl For Ronnie Celebrity Bowling Party, benefiting the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, is set to return on November 17th after a three-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event, to be held at PINZ Bowling Center in Studio City, California, will once again be hosted by our own Eddie Trunk.

Celebrities also planning to participate this year include Graham Bonnett and his band members Beth-Ami HeavenstoneConrado Pesinato and Kyle HughesMinistry members Al JourgensenLiz WaltonRoy MayorgaCesar SotoMonte PittmanJohn Bechdel and Paul D’AmourMark Chaussee (Danzig); Steven Adler (Guns N’ RosesAdler’s Appetite); Doug Aldrich (The Dead Daisies); Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.); T-Bone Anderssen (Gov’t Mule); Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne); Chuck Billy (Testament); Ann Boleyn (Hellion); Phil Buckman and Brett Scallions of FuelCalico Cooper and Chris Latham (Beasto Blanco/Alice Cooper); Matt Duncan (Armored Saint); Shawn Duncan (DC4); Lita FordTracii Guns and Johnny Martin of L.A. GunsAbby Gennet (Slunt); Ritchie Kotzen (Winery Dogs); Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford); Oni Logan and Sean McNabb of Lynch MobMarty O’Brien (Daughtry); Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats); Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders); DJ Will (KNAC); Howie Simon (Winger); Michael Spencer (Flotsam & Jetsam); Patrick Stone (Budderside); Dave “Chili” MorenoJason CornwellChas WestJimmy Burkhard and Roy Z of West BoundNikki Stringfield (The Iron Maidens); Ahmet ZappaDiva ZappaTim “Ripper” OwensCasey TraskDavid GarciaHarry ConklinSean Elg, and Sean Peck of The Three Tremors featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens; Jennie VeeCraig GoldySimon Wright, Rowan Robertson and Bjorn Englen of the Dio Band; guitarist Bobby Keller; drummer Zak St. John and actors Star Fields (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Vera Vanguard.

See highlights from 2019’s Bowl For Ronnie, here.

Ronnie James Dio, who died of gastric cancer in 2010, reigns as one of the most influential rock artists of all time and one of the greatest vocalists ever. With an illustrious recording career spanning from the 1950’s through to the 2000s, the documentary follows his trajectory from sideman into singer, songwriter and frontman of not one, but three of rock’s internationally renowned, multi-platinum-selling arena attractions: RainbowBlack Sabbath and Dio. Famous for popularizing the ‘devil horns’ hand gesture that is now synonymous with hard rock and heavy metal music, Dio was known for not wavering in his pursuit of his rock and roll dreams and continues to influence a new generation of music artists. His fans the world over remember him not only for his massive talent, but for his kindness, resulting in millions of dollars raised for cancer research in his memory.

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