Accept have shared the official music video for The Reckoning, the second single from their upcoming album Humanoid, watch it below.

Accept‘s Wolf Hoffmann states about The Reckoning: “We’re thrilled to release The Reckoning as our second single. It’s is one of our favorites from the new album: hard-hitting, solid metal with lyrics about a poignant life theme. We hope the fans enjoy it as much as we do.”

Fans can immerse themselves in the upcoming album on an interactive web site, where they can reprogram the robot that is featured on the album cover, and discover different parts of the album in the process. Pre-save Humanoid now to gain access to the web site here.

For more details about Humanoid, track listing, and to hear the album’s eponymous song, please click here.

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Skid Row has parted ways with Swedish singer Erik Grönwall. The band’s longtime friend Lzzy Hale of Halestorm will be taking over vocal duties for the upcoming scheduled four concerts.

Grönwall has decided that the travel and rigors of the road is not conducive to his overall health and recovery, and wants to focus on a lifestyle that is more amenable for his well-being, healing and family.

Skid Row said in a statement they are “proud of what they have created, and accomplished, with Erik over the past two years” and “wish nothing but the best to him and his health. To celebrate the last two years, the band will be releasing a live album that perfectly captures the moment of time in the band’s 35-plus-year history, to be announced soon.”

Erik said, “I got the opportunity to join this incredible band six months after my treatment against leukemia. And one month after that, I was on a world tour with Skid f**** Row. Wow! It was a dream come true. However, it proved challenging touring the world with an impaired immune system, which is a result of my bone marrow transplant.

I respect and understand that Skid Row is a touring band, but since I can’t prioritize my health being in the band, I have decided that it’s better for me to step aside.

I love SKID ROW, I have nothing but respect for the guys in the band but I love and respect my health more. I’m getting stronger and healthier every day, but after consulting my doctor, I need to allow myself more time to recover, which I can’t do as the lead singer of Skid Row. That’s why I have reached the tough decision to move on.

I want to thank the guys for this incredible opportunity. And I want to thank all the Skid Row fans who accepted me as the lead singer of this iconic band. Health first!”

Skid Row shows with Lzzy Hale on lead vocals:

May 17 – Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort – Carterville, IL
May 18 – Riverside Casino & Golf Resort – Riverside, IA
May 31 – Nugget Casino Resort – Sparks, NV
June 1 – Hard Rock Live Sacramento – Wheatland, CA

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Fozzy, the band featuring wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich “The Duke” Ward, will embark on a 25th-anniversary tour this fall. The trek will start October 3rd at Madlife Studios in Woodstock, Georgia and runs through October 21st in Cleveland, Ohio. Support on the tour will come from The Nocturnal Affair and Clozure.

Fozzy is a band that delivers a truly rock ‘n’ roll experience — a sonic assault of headbanging riffs, energy, and most importantly, amazing songs. The backbone of Fozzy‘s sound comes from the killer combination of Grant Brooks on drums, bassist P.J. Farley and Billy Grey leading the charge on guitar shredding solos. With every audience in every country, every show is a guaranteed electric performance, fueled by the crowd chants of “FozzyFozzyFozzy!”

Jericho says, “It’s hard to believe that a band that was once accused of being a ‘wrestler’s vanity project,’ has now amassed six Top 10 Mainstream Rock Radio hits, released eight albums, toured the world in over 20 countries, and earned a GOLD RECORD…..but we have and we’ve been doing it for 25 YEARS. Not many bands can say that, and out of the ones that can, not many of those can say they are currently at their creative, artistic, and commercial peaks. Yet, Fozzy can and we are damn proud of it. That’s why we are so excited to bring our 25th-anniversary celebration to your city over the next 18 months, starting in October. We have built a reputation of being a band you don’t wanna miss, and we take great pride in that because it’s the truth.”

He finishes, “So, as always, crank up the music, buy your tickets early, and wear a helmet. Because this is our 25th-year rock ‘n’ roll party…and we aren’t f’ing around. See you soon.”

Fozzy on tour with  The Nocturnal Affair and Clozure:

Oct. 3 – Woodstock, GA – Madlife
Oct. 4 – Jacksonville, FL – Underbellys
Oct. 5 – Tampa, FL – Orpheum Theater
Oct. 6 – Destin, FL – Club LA
Oct. 7 – Birmingham, AL – Saturn
Oct. 10 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
Oct. 11 – Charlotte, NC – Underground
Oct. 12 – Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theater
Oct. 13 – Lititz, PA – Mickey’s Black Box
Oct. 14 – Albany, NY – Empire Live
Oct. 17 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
Oct. 18 – Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry
Oct. 19 – Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs
Oct. 20 – Flint, MI – Machine Shop
Oct. 21 – Cleveland, OH – The Winchester

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Billy Morrison will release The Morrison Project — his third solo album and first since 2015 — on April 19th via The Label Group/Virgin Music Group.

The British guitarist, singer, and songwriter — primarily known as Billy Idol‘s rhythm guitar player for the past 15 years alongside lead guitarist Steve Stevens, and for his previous role as bassist in The Cult — has assembled an electrifying 12 songs including guest performances by Ozzy OsbourneBilly IdolDMCAl JourgensenSteve VaiSteve StevensLinda PerryTommy ClufetosJohn 5, and more.

The official music video for the album’s second single, Crack Cocaine, featuring Osbourne and Stevens, with Clufetos on drums, can be seen below.

Crack Cocaine marks the first new song with Ozzy on vocals since the 2022 release of his worldwide smash album Patient Number 9 which earned him two Grammy Awards (“Best Rock Album”, “Best Metal Performance”).

“I was in the same room as Billy and Steve,” says Ozzy about co-writing the song. “The lyrics just came out of the blue. It was written in about 20 minutes.”

Billy sheds more light on the song’s origins, “The music was a direct result of sitting in a room with Steve, both with de-tuned guitars, and writing what we felt was an ultimate Ozzy riff. From there, we brought Ozzy over, and we all sat around working on the lyrics, but 90% of those came from Ozzy himself. He’s the one that suddenly stood up and sang ‘Like Crack Cocaine’. We looked at each other and knew we had the title.”

Importantly, reveals Steve, “First and foremost, Billy and I discussed what an Ozzy fan would really love to hear. We really zeroed in on the ’90s-era Ozzy, the truly heavy stuff. We cast aside any rules both musically and lyrically. It was really a great team and Billy is just such a great motivator. Obviously as a guitarist, to contribute to an Ozzy song is like a kid in a candy store. He’s played with such an amazing array of guitarists that I tried my best to honor that tradition.”

Adds Steve, “I think the fact that Billy and I have spent the better part of 16 years working together in Billy Idol means we are almost telepathic in how we arrange guitars, etc. Billy and Ozzy have such an amazing friendship that it was easy to feel inspired and want to help them achieve any idea I could assist with. As we worked in my home studio, I tried to make the actual recording process almost invisible. Forget any technical aspects and really have some fun. To Ozzy‘s credit, he was totally focused — and, man, the first time I heard him sing in what was essentially my living room, f-cking chills ran down my spine.”

The Morrison Project was produced by Billy Morrison, mixed by Barry Pointer and mastered by Dave Donnelly. All the songs on the album — recorded in Los Angeles at various studios — were written by Billy Morrison in collaboration with his guests.

“One of the greatest things about writing this album was being able to let my guest singers do their own thing,” says Morrison. “I would send them the track with no guidelines and just had them do whatever they felt. I think that gave those songs an energy and a life force that would not be there if I had tried to get involved in their lyrics or their melodies. And I loved everything they all did.”

He adds, “With the songs that I sing on this record, I wanted to write from an observational standpoint about the state of the world, the news outlets, the information flow (or lack of it) and the general sense of dis-ease that seems to be all-pervading right now.”

How did The Morrison Project come together? “I truly believe that making music without any preconceptions or goals yields the most creative and enjoyable results,” Billy says. “And that is exactly how this record came to life. Making music with Erik (Eldenius) and Jeordie (White) during Covid, and mixing different musical styles started my journey towards this collection of songs that ended up featuring a lot of my friends.”

“The Morrison Project” features 12 original tracks:

Drowning (written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)

Crack Cocaine (featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Steve Stevens with Tommy Clufetos on drums) (written by Billy Morrison/ Ozzy Osbourne/Steve Stevens)

It’s Come To This (written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius)

The Ayes Have It (featuring Al Jourgensen and John 5 with Roy Mayorga on drums) (written by Billy Morrison)

Dystopia (written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)

Incite The Watch (featuring Corey Taylor and Steve Vai) (written by Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius, Jeordie White, Corey Taylor)

Puppets On A String (written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)

Just Like A Movie (featuring D.M.C. and Persia Numan with Erik Eldenius on drums) (written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White/ Darryl McDaniels/Persia Numan)

The Sound Of Freedom (written by Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius, Jeordie White)

Mr. Dream (featuring Billy Idol and Steve Stevens) (written by Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius, Jeordie White, Steve Stevens, Billy Idol)

We Are The Dead (written by Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius, Jeordie White)

Chasing Shadows (featuring Linda Perry) (written by Billy Morrison)

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BMG has set a May 31st release date for the Anno Domini 1989-1995 box set of the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath albums, according to the Danish music store iMusic.

The set contains newly remastered versions of Headless Cross (1989), Tyr(1990) and Cross Purposes (1994), plus a new version of Forbidden (1995) that guitarist Tony Iommi remixed specially for the collection.

Several albums make their vinyl debut in the LP version of Anno Domini, while the CD version contains three exclusive bonus tracks: the B-side Cloak & Dagger and the Japan-only releases What’s The Use and Loser Gets It All. A booklet comes with the set featuring photos, artwork, and liner notes by Hugh Gilmour. The collection also contains a Headless Cross poster and a replica concert book from the Headless Cross tour.

Anno Domini” picks up Black Sabbath‘s story in 1989, two decades and multiple lineup changes into the band’s groundbreaking career as metal originators. At the time, membership had solidified around riffmaster and founding member Tony Iommi, legendary drummer Cozy Powell (Jeff BeckRainbowWhitesnake),singer Tony Martin and longtime Black Sabbath collaborator and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls (QuartzBandy Legs).

Included in the set:

Headless CrossTyr and Cross Purposes newly remastered
Forbidden newly remixed by Tony Iommi
* 1989 Headless Cross tour replica concert book
* 40-page book with photos, artwork and new liner notes
* Replica color tour poster

Disc 1 – Headless Cross:

1. The Gates Of Hell (2024 Remaster)
2. Headless Cross (2024 Remaster)
3. Devil & Daughter (2024 Remaster)
4. When Death Calls (2024 Remaster)
5. Kill In The Spirit World (2024 Remaster)
6. Call Of The Wild (2024 Remaster)
7. Black Moon (2024 Remaster)
8. Nightwing (2024 Remaster)
9. Cloak & Dagger (2024 Remaster)

Disc 2 – Tyr:

1. Anno Mundi (2024 Remaster)
2. The Law Maker (2024 Remaster)
3. Jerusalem (2024 Remaster)
4. The Sabbath Stones (2024 Remaster)
5. The Battle Of Tyr (2024 Remaster)
6. Odin’s Court (2024 Remaster)
7. Valhalla (2024 Remaster)
8. Feels Good To Me (2024 Remaster)
9. Heaven In Black (2024 Remaster)

Disc 3 – Cross Purposes:

1.  I Witness (2024 Remaster)
2.  Cross Of Thorns (2024 Remaster)
3.  Psychophobia (2024 Remaster)
4.  Virtual Death (2024 Remaster)
5.  Immaculate Deception (2024 Remaster)
6.  Dying For Love (2024 Remaster)
7.  Back To Eden (2024 Remaster)
8.  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (2024 Remaster)
9.  Cardinal Sin (2024 Remaster)
10. Evil Eye (2024 Remaster)
11. What’s The Use (2024 Remaster)

Disc 4 – Forbidden remix:

1.  Illusion Of Power
2.  Get A Grip
3.  Can’t Get Close Enough
4.  Shaking Off The Chains
5.  I Won’t Cry For You
6.  Guilty As Hell
7.  Sick And Tired
8.  Rusty Angels
9.  Forbidden
10. Kiss Of Death
11. Loser Gets It All


LP 1 – Side A:

1. The Gates Of Hell (2024 Remaster)
2. Headless Cross (2024 Remaster)
3. Devil & Daughter (2024 Remaster)
4. When Death Calls (2024 Remaster)

LP 1 – Side B:

1. Kill In The Spirit World (2024 Remaster)
2. Call Of The Wild (2024 Remaster)
3. Black Moon (2024 Remaster)
4. Nightwing (2024 Remaster)

LP 2 – Side A

1. Anno Mundi (2024 Remaster)
2. The Law Maker (2024 Remaster)
3. Jerusalem (2024 Remaster)
4. The Sabbath Stones (2024 Remaster)

LP 2 – Side B:

1. The Battle Of Tyr (2024 Remaster)
2. Odin’s Court (2024 Remaster)
3. Valhalla (2024 Remaster)
4. Feels Good To Me (2024 Remaster)
5. Heaven In Black (2024 Remaster)

LP 3 – Side A:

1. I Witness (2024 Remaster)
2. Cross Of Thorns (2024 Remaster)
3. Psychophobia (2024 Remaster)
4. Virtual Death (2024 Remaster)
5. Immaculate Deception (2024 Remaster)

LP 3 – Side B:

1. Dying For Love (2024 Remaster)
2. Back To Eden (2024 Remaster)
3. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (2024 Remaster)
4. Cardinal Sin (2024 Remaster)
5. Evil Eye (2024 Remaster)

LP 4 – Side A:

1. Illusion Of Power
2. Get A Grip
3. Can’t Get Close Enough
4. Shaking Off The Chains
5. I Won’t Cry For You

LP 4 – Side B:

1. Guilty As Hell
2. Sick And Tired
3. Rusty Angels
4. Forbidden
5. Kiss Of Death

additional source:

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In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the legendary Motörhead, Z2 has gathered a staggering line-up of icons to narrate their personal encounters with the man that came to define the sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll lifestyle, Lemmy Kilmister. No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories Of Lemmy Kilmister And Motörhead kicks off this 176-page tribute with a deeply personal foreword by his dear friend Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and a truly touching afterword by his longtime friend and collaborator Ozzy Osbourne

The book pairs 25 rockstar contributors with 25 acclaimed illustrators to tell the stories of their true and unbelievable personal encounters with the heralded founding father of Motörhead. Recounting their history with Lemmy over the span of his life and career are some of the greatest living musicians – Ozzy Osbourne, Lars Ulrich, Slash, Chrissie Hynde, Dee Snider, Dave Navarro, plus world-class writers Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, pro-wrestling giants Triple H, Corey Graves, TV & Film luminaries including Matt Pinfield, Penelope Spheeris, Riki Rachtman, as well as his bandmates Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee, and Slim Jim Phantom.

With a gorgeous variety of visual approaches the artists of NO REMORSE: The Illustrated True Stories of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead; including Dave Chisholm, Bob Fingerman, Jay Jay Jackson, and Jim Mahfood capture the many facets of these incredible true tales of Lemmy Kilmister. The cover art is illustrated and designed by comic book legend Tim Bradstreet (Punisher, Hellblazer) and features the gleam of a holographic coating on Lemmy’s classic aviator specs!

“Anyone who ever crossed paths with Lemmy Kilmister left with a very unique experience and stories to share for a lifetime,” says Josh Bernstein, Z2 President and the book’s co-editor/designer. “The outpouring of those stories from his friends and family, paired with some of underground art’s greatest illustrators, brings Lemmy and Motörhead roaring back to life on every page.”

Like all Z2 collaborations, this book comes in a variety of highly-collectible editions, including the 1:5 “All-Access” Edition which features a framed AAA Artist Pass from Lemmy’s 70th birthday party at the Whisky A Go-Go; and the 1:25 “Backstage” Edition that comes with a framed original 2012-2013 Motörhead tour laminate. All of these artifacts are from the personal collection of Lemmy Kilmister. The No Remorse editions of the book will come with an exclusive white vinyl variant of the legendary Motörhead double LP, No Remorse, a poster triptych set by renowned designer Hydro74, and a three-card collectors set presented in a custom frame featuring the art of the iconic thrash-metal painter Ed Repka (Megadeth, Super7).

All collector editions will include the oversized deluxe volume of the No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories Of Lemmy Kilmister And Motörhead book contained in a metallic foil embossed slipcase, with die cuts that reveal the holographic coating on Lemmy’s classic aviator specs on the cover of the book. All editions available for Preorder now.

From his early years, Lemmy gravitated to the live-fast attitude of rock & roll, starting out as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, joining the seminal space-rock outfit Hawkwind and famously getting fired from the band for “doing the wrong drugs.” Forming Motörhead in 1975 after his dismissal, he set out to kick things up and create an aural assault, the likes of which had not been heard. Lemmy Kilmister became the unequaled standard for the Rock & Roll lifestyle. 

Of their first meeting, Dave Grohl recounts, “until then I’d never met what I’d call a real rock ‘n’ roll hero before. Fuck Elvis and Keith Richards, Lemmy’s the king of rock ‘n’ roll. A living, breathing, drinking, snorting, fucking legend. No one else comes close.” It’s the life of a Rock & Roll legend, and No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead captures it all.

Story Contributors: Sir Neil Warnock, Wayne Kramer, Michael Moorcock, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Campbell, Chrissie Hynde, Kim McAuliffe, Slim Jim Phantom, Lars Ulrich, Neil Gaiman, Dee Snider, Slash, Steffan Chirazi, Lita Ford, Riki Rachtman, Penelope Spheeris, Dave Navarro, Mikkey Dee, Mikael Maglieri Jr., Todd Singerman, Lar Frederiksen, Dave Grohl, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Matt Pinfield, Josh Bernstein, Steve Luna, Corey Graves.

No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead will be available in hardcover via Z2 (Simon & Schuster) for a list price of $35.00 (ISBN: 9798886561340) and at retailers everywhere this summer.

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