The BulletBoys have made a name for themselves with their loud guitars, boisterous vocals, and shredding solos. Now, the band is blazing a new trail as they join forces with SongVest, giving fans a chance to level up with an opportunity to invest in the music.

The band’s current lineup features founding member vocalist Marq Torien along with guitarist Ira Black (former Lizzy Borden, Metal Church, Dokken), bassist Brad Lang (former Y&T), and drummer Fred Aching (Powerflo). Teaming up with fan investment platform SongVest, the BulletBoys offer music lovers the ability to purchase fractional royalty shares in two new recordings. Melophiles who purchase various amounts of shares will unlock access to signed memorabilia, online experiences, and even a private acoustic performance.

We wanted to offer our fans more than just another t-shirt and poster,” explains lead singer Torien. “BulletBoys fans have been inspiring us for over 35 years, and Smooth Up was the catalyst for all of that fandom. When we first engaged in a conversation with SongVest about our catalog, their CEO just said, ‘Empower your fans with ownership, they’ve earned it.’”

In addition to a re-record of Smooth Up, BulletBoys are also offering shares in their hard and heavy cover recording of Frida’s 1982 hit I Know There’s Something Going On, a song that reached number one in Belgium and Switzerland and peaked at #13 on the US charts.

“I have been a longtime fan of ABBA and singer Frida and have always wanted to cover and put our twist on this song,” shares Torien. “Phil Collins produced the original song; I wanted to stay true to his drum sound and style. I feel like I achieved this in the production, and in the end, we also made it sound like a modern BulletBoys song,” says Black. Get a taste of their version of I Know There’s Something Going On below.

Fans can currently reserve SongShares at songshares.songvest.com/bulletboys. Reservations close on May 8th at 8 pm EST, after which the SEC qualification process begins. Fans who reserve shares will have the first chance to purchase their SongShares, and if there are any shares left, they will go on sale to the general public.

SongVest is excited to work with BulletBoys on these two songs,” notes CEO Sean Peace. “Rock fans are some of the most diehard and activated, always looking for ways to connect with their favorite bands. SongVest allows the BulletBoys and their fans the ultimate ownership in the music they love.” SongVest is on a mission to democratize music investing. They are the first music marketplace to offer unprecedented access to purchase fractional shares of music royalties from your favorite artists. Learn more at songvest.com.

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  1. It really is a shame all these bands do not have all the original members. Why does everyone hate each other? I enjoyed the BulletBoys (I love their second album Freakshow) and would love to see the WHOLE BAND!!

  2. “We wanted to offer our fans more than just another t-shirt and poster,” yeah, we want them to finance the record. Hey, if it works, good for them, but boy has the industry changed $:(
    I’d love to know what exactly constitutes an “online experience”.

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