6_r176113Brian Tichy says he left Whitesnake because life’s too short to remain in someone else’s band, according to

He announced his departure last week, explaining he wanted to concentrate on new outfit S.U.N. with Sass Jordan. Now he’s gone into more detail.

Tichy says: “The change of musicians in bands is nothing new. My idols left this band too. But I do think my reason is a little different than the others.

“Life is short. Each year is a solid chunk of time to hopefully get closer to all the things you have thought of attempting to achieve throughout your whole life.

“I’ve always played guitar. I’ve always written music. I’ve always wanted to be in my band! I have a new band, S.U.N., that I am beyond proud of. Sass is also as passionate about music and our band as I am.

“I’d like to think we made a record that will hold its own next to anything. How will I know if I am right or wrong if I just talk-talk-talk about it? I’ve got to live it – or else I might as well just call it ‘a cute little project I do if I have free time.

“I can’t give it its fair shot if I am giving Whitesnake 100%.”

Tichy records his gratitude to David Coverdale, saying: “I owe David a bit fat ‘thank you’ for allowing me to be myself in his band. The man simply told me to play how I play and make his band and its music sound like a kick-a-s rock’n’roll freight train.

“He trusted me. He trusted that after having Paice, Powell, Dunbar, Aldridge and Frazier – some of the world’s best drummers – I could be the guy to get the job done.

“I also thank him for treating his band with complete respect and always being open to tell stories and answer questions. You learn a lot from a guy like that when you shut up and listen.”

Tichy broke his collarbone in a mountain bike accident at the end of December, leading to surgery on January 1, from which he’s still recovering. He says that didn’t influence his decision to leave Whitesnake, although it did help him focus on whether his reasoning was right.

He adds that lessons learned from Coverdale was one of the key factors in his decision: “I owe David thanks for clearly letting me see that if you want something, you better at least try to get it. I am going to try.

“It would be pretty bada-s – as I told David – if down the road, he can see me and say, ‘Damn, Tichy went for it and did it.’ I intend on making David proud, proving lots to myself and getting S.U.N. out there and making a dent.”

Whitesnake bassist Michael Devin is also a member of S.U.N. but will remain with Coverdale’s outfit.

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