Thanks to all for the amazing feedback on my Q104 show last night and the first ever Holiday RUSH Special! Was awesome to celebrate an entire show of the music of Rush and even cooler to have Alex Lifeson call in and be part of it. We talked R&R Hall (they are very aware how vocal I was for years about it. Alex said I’m probably more relieved then they are!), retirement (not anything soon, just slowing down touring after 2014 or so), 5.1 reissues, and much much more. Can’t thank Alex enough for taking time from the holidays to be a part of the show. The guys in Rush have always been super cool with me. Just really great people. Alex & Geddy were very early guests in the history of TMS when nobody even knew what it was. Just really grateful to have support and respect from them for my shows. I’ve decided Holiday RUSH will be an annual special, so much great music and conversation. Also thanks to Mike Portnoy for coming in to guest co-host and bringing in some true rare gems. Response has been phenomenal and everyone asking how to hear again. Just check the station list on this site under Broadcasts, Syndication. All those stations and their streams air Holiday RUSH next weekend at the dates and times listed. So that’s how to hear it again many times, places and ways all free. Those stations THIS weekend are airing the KISSmas show with Peter Criss, so hit them up THIS weekend to hear that. Have a good weekend all! Playlists for all shows up now in Playlists section on this site.

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THIS FRIDAY, I’m excited to announce an all new special for the first time: “The Holiday RUSH with Eddie Trunk”. I’ll be dedicating my entire three hour radio show to nothing but the music of Rush! And as I”m sure you know when it comes to me, it will not be the same old two or three songs you always hear on the radio! Making this show even more special will be an all new interview with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, who will check in during the broadcast. Join me as we celebrate the band FINALLY getting into the R&R Hall Of Fame on 12/21/12! Nothing but Rush music, talk, giveaways and more. Don’t miss the first ever Holiday Rush, LIVE this Friday night on Q104.3 New York City starting at 11PM ET. Those outside the NYC listening area can hear the show live on the stations stream at www.q1043.com or by using the free iheartradio app and dialing up Q104.3 under New York, Classic Rock. This show airs on all broadcast and online affiliates at it’s usual day and time the following weekend. That list can be found here: https://eddietrunk.com//index.cfm/pk/content/pid/400510

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Thanks to Jason Newsted and Keith Nelson of Buckcherry who were my guests last night on the satellite show. Great talking with them both and both have new music coming early next year. Jason actually had me world premiere a new song called “Soldierhead” available for pre order on Itunes. Thanks to all for listening. Next two Monday’s recorded shows due to holidays, next live SiriusXM show 1/7/13.

News coming soon on a cool special edition show for the first time ever this Friday night on Q104 show. Keep en eye open for details.

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Huge thanks to Peter Criss for coming into the studio and hanging for over two hours last night on my Q104/syndicated show. Peter was happy and healthy and sharing so many amazing stories about his life in and out of Kiss. We also gave away copies of his great new book. Also played all Kiss music as we celebrated the 22nd annual Merry KISSmas. Really had a blast and the response to Peter being so open about so many things has been phenomenal. I’m also getting the usual tons of requests about how to hear it again. Like all FM radio shows what I do live on Friday nights on Q104 NYC replays on all affiliate stations the following weekend. So next weekend all stations and online outlets that air my show will be broadcasting what aired last night. You can also tune into these stations streams at the day and time listed to hear if they are outside your area. It’s all 100% free. So many places and ways to hear this show again including WAAF Boston next Sunday starting at 7P. All outlets listed on this site under Broadcasts/Syndication.

Thanks to Peter for his visit! See you for our final live show of 2012 on SiriusXM Monday starting at 6P ET channel 39.


Also if you ordered signed books from me for the holidays and have not yet received them I am awaiting more stock. I’ll sign and ship orders that arrived last week by Wed and they should make it to you by Christmas. Order info is on the home page under Headlines. Book 2 is done, and coming later next year!


I do not have news yet on the next season of TMS. After the holidays VH1 will let me know the plan and I’ll share then. Thanks


Please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news, photos and more.


Sincere thoughts and prayers for the victims of the CT school shootings. It is evil beyond words and as a parent with two kids in elementary school myself I can not comprehend what the families of the kids and faculty are dealing with.

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I know many questioned if I would do my annual KISSmas radio special this year considering how 2 of the bands founding members continue to treat me like an enemy for 1 opinion out of 30 years of support. But doing this show so many count on every year was never in question. It was just a question on how I would do it this year and when. But I know it means a lot to many to have this celebration of the bands music every year, and most Kiss fans are huge fans of mine and support what I do even if the band themselves don’t. For me it was always about the music first and foremost when it comes to the bands I love, and I’m not going to penalize my fans and Kiss fans just because Simmons & Stanley got some bad information and refuse to communicate. As usual my doors are open to ALL Kiss members past and present. Tonight Peter Criss joins me to discuss his book. I will also play nothing but Kiss music in the 3 hour show making this the KISSmas show for this year. This works best since it would be a bit much on the Kiss side to have an original member in studio tonight, then 3 hours of their music next week. So tonight is the Original Merry KISSmas show year 22. While Peter is there we will focus on the original bands music that he was part of. If/when Peter leaves before the show ends, we will get into other eras and take requests. Its the best way to accomplish the special this year and also give Peter as much time as he wants. There is much to discuss with him for sure. I will also have signed copies of Peter’s book to give away tonight. So join me at 11P ET tonight over the air in the NYC area on Q104.3 FM, or streaming free at www.q1043.com or via the iheartradio free app (just hit Q104.3 NYC, Classic Rock). Remember this show also airs on all affiliates next weekend. Thank you all for the support and Merry KISSmas 2012 to my fellow Kiss fans and supporters.

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BEST OF 2My year in review radio special with a ton of music from 2012 premiered on Q104.3 NYC show 12/28. Here is my personal list of my favorite albums of 2012. Lot’s of great new music in 2012 and was tough to narrow down, but this is what truly made my ears the most excited the last 12 months:


An incredible, relentless, pounding thrash metal album that may be my favorite from this highly underrated band since Taking Over. Overkill have made a string of solid albums lately, but this is just next level. It is uncompromising speed metal at it’s finest. Production and mix are incredible, the riffing just builds and builds, great songs, great playing. The total package. If you are looking for a new but old school thrash sounding album this is it. Get a neck brace because it kicks your ass from top to bottom. Instant metal classic.


aerosmithanotherdimensioncover4002: AEROSMITH – MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION

I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered.amazon



I loved the last Slash album, and my favorite songs were the ones with Myles Kennedy singing. So I was thrilled that the live band he had on that tour now is a real band and has made a full cohesive album of brilliant hard rock. “Anastasia” an instant classic on this one. To me this is Slash’s best work top to bottom since Appetite and the band is great live. Hope they build a great catalog with this group.amazon




Outside of Tattoo this is classic kick ass VH! Why 4-5 songs from this album were not blasting out of every radio station over the Summer escapes me. Not a huge fan of the mix at times, but the material and Eddie are ripping! Who knows what the future holds but this is classic sounding old VH. “As Is” among my favorites.amazon




Best Manson album in a long time top to bottom. He and Twiggy created some catchy hook filled tunes as well as the usual level of Manson weirdness and always great production and sounds.amazon





Another great album from the relaunched Accept with singer Mark Tornillo. Not as strong top to bottom as Blood Of The Nations but damn close. This band is now firmly re established and Wolf Hoffman has to be one of the most underrated players in metal ever.amazon




Is it over? Who knows for sure. But three amazing albums in this bands history at an amazing pace is pretty impressive, so I hope not. Like all three BCC albums top playing and incredible singing from Glenn Hughes. Like all 3 I wish the mix was a little brighter and dynamic at times, but this is pretty much live and in your face classic sounding rock that just happens to be from a new band. The title track and “This Is Your Time” some of my favorites.amazon



Pumping heavy rock that never lets up. Great songs, vocals, production and hooks. Can’t help but to move to this album and its energy.amazon




61Dwg0a9MRL._SL500_AA300_9: TREMONTI – ALL I WAS

Great debut album from Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. Very metal at times, much will be made of his guitar playing, and rightfully so, but it’s the songs I love. The playing on the whole album is crushing and I truly like the way he delivers the songs as a singer. Great live too!amazon



410jplpqVoL._SL500_AA300_10: RUSH – CLOCKWORK ANGELS

Only reason not higher is because my two favorite songs on this album (Caravan and BU2B) actually were released a couple years ago. But I love that Rush is back to heavy guitar rock again and in your face power trio hard rock with little if any keys and synth. The nod to the old school on “Headlong Flight” is awesome. Wish the album was not so compressed and more dynamic sounding at times in the mix, but love the heaviness being back. Oh, and the R&R Hall just woke up after ignoring them 15 years. There is hope!amazon



11 – 20


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