Just back from a brief vacation on a cruise. The plan was to head to Bermuda, but due to the storm we ended up going to Canada (St John and Halifax). Nothing against Canada and those great cities but the idea was to go warmer not colder and the weather sucked the whole way. But it was still nice to get a few days disconnected. Now back to the real world of texts, emails, phone calls, etc, catching up some from being away. My latest podcast went up today featuring John 5. John talks about all of his music history (some you may not know he had) and much more. Truly one of the most all around talented guys out there and I hope you enjoy it. Subscribe and download free now on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . And be sure to check out the older episodes if you missed any.

All new FM radio show debuts tomorrow night 11P on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston and the usual affiliates usual days and times over the weekend. Listing under “Live & On The Air”.

Back live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 for TRUNKNation. Guests will include Glen Danzig and Glenn Tipton. I’ll be hosting Judas Priest next Thursday 1o/30 at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Looking forward to final catching Priest, get your tix now if in the area. I’ll be doing a book signing/selling after Priest inside the Hard Rock Casino at the Hard Rock Cafe after the show ends.

The Chiller show is this weekend here in NJ at the Parsippany Sheraton. Due to some family commitments my schedule is a bit up in the air as far as the days and hours I can attend. As of now looking like 1-6P Saturday and 1-4P Sunday only. I will have both books available for sale. Please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and changes on my schedule. I live near to the event so things can change last minute but that’s the plan as of now. Always a fun weekend and hope to see you if attending.

Huge thanks to the British rock magazine AOR for doing a feature on That Metal Show. AOR is a spin off of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer and like those two is a great read. Really cool of them to do a major feature on TMS especially when you consider we are not broadcast in the UK (why I have no idea!). But the impact of TMS is truly amazing and that’s a credit to our fans and fans of the genre. They find a way to connect with the show even in places we are not seen and blacked out online too. Thanks to AOR for the spread. New TMS coming 2/14/15

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  1. Eddie, just heard you say Stephen Pearcey announced his separation from RATT last year. It wasn’t last year, you were on the phone with him and Bobbie Blotzer (separately) at the end of this past March.

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